Living Beyond Expectations

When one is living actively and vigorously, pressures will engulf the being. Usually these pressures will make or break anyone. It is prevalent that forces within and outside become an avenue of success. The success that is coupled with expectations. How can success be achieved in an ordinary way?  Can anyone live without expectations?  Can you live beyond what’s expected from you?

Is it a fallacy to say, “ Success is coupled with expectations?”  Expectations in life start in a baby’s life.  The baby is expected to learn and follow growth development. There are expectations to be observed monthly and it level up upon reaching a year old. The baby will develop successfully all the growth skills with the help of the people around. This confirm that success is achievable when there are expectations.

How can success be achieved in an ordinary way? What’s your definition of success? It is a favourable outcomes, positive result, an attainment of a desired aims and an accomplishment of a purpose. Your ways and purpose in life will determine the kind of success you will have. Success achieved in an ordinary ways are obvious around us. A homeless man is contented  sleeping anywhere at night after surviving a day’s poverty. A single working mom, wears a smile upon seeing her child soundly sleep every night and even gratefully gallop when the child heeding for graduation. A lowly baker who sold out his bread with those joyous costumers. A meek taxi driver went home heartened  after patiently brought safely the commuters. Success defends on how you defined your life. An extravagant life expects an extraordinary, but an ordinary life expects ordinary accomplishments. Success matters in the heart not in material things. Joy is the worthy definition of achieving success.


Can anyone live without expectations? A sad answer is No! Actually there are inward and outward expectations. Inwardly, are your very own expectations. Before others auguring at you, you already pressured yourself. When contentment is not visible, there’s no satisfaction in all you do. The outward expectations come in your work, family,  and friends. They’re on lookout in everything that matters in you. They are just expectators, but not creators of your dreams, not an outcome maker and not the authors of your life. Right attitudes will disparage expectations.


Can you live beyond what expected from you? A gleeful answer is Yes! Everything done with love comes out naturally. There are no pressures when love wrapped the demands in your relationships, and the people around you. You just need to be true to yourself and to others. Expectations are meant to be conquered by your life’s purpose. The One Worthy to expect more from you actually expect less from you. He showers you more of His love than demands from you. He only expects you to love Him in return. With His love, you can now live beyond expectations.             Mrcev


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Beyond the Pruning

In life we are hard pressed on every side and struck down to the point of giving up.  Questions are crowded in every corner of our minds. We think if there’s one greatly crushed than us. Yes, and it never stops to experience the cutting and pruning for life.  Why is it needed for the plant to undergo such scraping, scouring and pruning? What’s the benefits of under going such things?

The plant, yes, that entity that is obvious around you, who gives beauty and freshness is horribly experienced  pain. Sometimes you just pass by, ignoring the more if it’s not been in good shape. So it rather undergoes  the cutting and pruning to achieve the beauty and fruits every  one desire to see.  It will be more pleasing and productive for a plant after the thorough process of pruning. Broken to be made new.

Why is it needed  to be pruned? A question we utter in despair too!  Why we should go through the mess and wrecks of life? Pruning is the selective removal of plant parts, like branches, leaves, blooms and roots.  Cutting  the living, dying or dead plants parts. A plant should be pruned regularly with a sharp scissors or gardening shears. Cut back overgrown branches and stems on the plants to promote healthy plant growth, but regular improper pruning may cause damaged or weakened plants.

Right ways of pruning must be observed by a real and caring gardener: avoid cutting too close or steep  or the bud may die. Make thinning cuts just above parent or side branches and roughly parallel to them, and be mindful of their growth season to avoid removing unopened buds.

We don’t want to imagine the regular feeling of letting the edge of the scissors touch our skin. Perceive every bits the bleeding of cuts, which  liven our  desire  to belong, to be known and to be valued. Seeing the gardener coming with sharpen scissors eager to cleanse us from impurities is a total dreadful scene. The moment a sharp scissors slowly trims your unwanted being is inconceivable. The  torment of plucking and extracting the  parts bring separation because you are considered dead and nonessential. Should we hesitate? Enraged? Fight? Argue? Complain? Revenge? The dilemma that only you and the Gardener understand. 


The good side beyond the pruning is remarkable. It is basic in maintaining plant health, improving quality, training the plant and restricting growth hazards.  Would you allow the Gardener cut away the barren futile bits in you? To trim the overgrown pride, and insensitivity? To train  for right growth direction? To twist, and cut the perils for your safety?  Beyond the wretched state of pruning, is a promised life. The  need to be beaten and crushed is hard to grasp by the finite mind. We should cling to the hope that the beauty of the plant appears after  all the workings. Make it sure the real Gardener deals with you. Beyond all these, as He promised! we will survive! Enjoy the Gardener’s work in you!                MRcEV


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The Enemy Within

Once a prevailing ordinary days…

The same people, same places and same self.

A routine that could bore a  dashing, sassy lass.

A dullsville life enkindle the wolf to engage.

Saw it coming, never been bothered,  fascinated even more.

Enchanted and enthralled by its flowery language.

It enslaved the reasons and empathy within.

A once green, now a rotten leaves freely fall to its self extinction.

Blame the mundane! A humdrum  existence!

No! It’s not!

Condemn the comrade! A buddy! An intruder!

No! It’s you! It’s within!

A wretched unguarded warrior engulfed in sin and lies.

Would you tarry? Bury self? Savor iniquity?

A promised, craved life is beyond reach.

Would you exchange? Give in? Unmindful?

There is more to life than glamour, leisure and gratification.

There is more to self than beauty, pleasure and deviation.

When life is lamentable… be grateful for the sunshine.

When self is ravaged … appreciate your smiles.

There’s no coward if  you’re armed by His words.

… no losers if you’re filled by His love.

There will always be an answer to the emptiness within.

… invade the self, seize and secure by His love.

Remember you are more than  conquerors because of Him!



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What to do when in Oblivion?

There is a time in man’s life that a need to pause, and do nothing is a must.  Stop and be still. You  may tend to go beyond sloth, lethargy, and extinction. You were trapped into oblivion. What made you capitulate? What is an oblivious person? What to do when in that state?

The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around you define an oblivious person. 

Being forgetful or absent-minded, unmindful and detached individual. There are many reasons why it happened to you.  Life can struck and hurt you that made you indifferent. People, things and everything will influence  your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and decisions. You choose to be incognizant to everything that could affect you. . When unmet expectations, confusion and pain ruled, you become nescient in life’s truths. As a defence you prefer to be oblivious. These made you capitulate to what is not designed by the Creator in your life.  You cannot escape life’s drama. There will always be a plot; a twist in the story of your life. Fight oblivious  spirit with courage. Cover the lies with love to open your heart and see the reality. Let faith gives you strength to endure the state of oblivion.

IMG_0691 2

The state of being completely forgotten or unknown describe Oblivion. 

What causes a person or a thing to be thoroughly and finally forgotten? Could you accept  your non-existence or nothingness in the eyes of anyone?  You are at your lowest when oblivion seize you. A hopeless and beaten wretch who wish death would engulf the being.

This condition is sorrowful, harmful and ruinous to one once claiming to be alive and bubbly. It’s very rare for one to be happy when in oblivion. Oblivion conveys  a strange message of a lifeless  lone. Don’t let them bury you in their minds  and eradicate you in their hearts. When it happens,  show them   the unaffected side of you, in which the Creator is still working on.  You are not supposed to be in oblivion, when you know your Saviour. His presence in your life brings an answer, hope and joy. He can liven and brighten the hollow space inside of you. 

Everyone  passes this stage, becomes an oblivious being and feebly captured in oblivion. The twist never ends there. His death on the cross happens for you to cling on and embrace His love for refuge. Don’t let the unknown of life confuse you. Start letting Him control your life as you contain oblivion within. You will never be unknown and forgotten  because it’s Him they saw in you.  Truly, you will be in a state of oblivion because the innate self diminish  and His presence shines brightly in you. This time, Oblivion’s meaning  should be a total forgetting and dying to oneself and being renewed with His Spirit. He’s the star that will shine in you. They will recognize and perceive you because of Him.  Enjoy oblivion with the Author of life!            MRcEV

IMG_0683 2

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When Love is not Enough

The most wonderful thing but full of wonders is love.  No one can intentionally grasp its fullness for life.  Digging deeper the core might bring confusion, the more when the heart suffers by loving.  All are subject for love, but not all heartened and sustained it. Is there an  intermittent love?  What made it become an  ample and insufficient?  When is love be enough?


February is considered to be a love month. Mostly are in colour Red to speak of the heart.

When in love , everything is beyond words and beyond descriptions.  An overwhelming feeling, inexpressible emotion and unutterable happiness engulf the heart.

The marvellous fascination was actually sporadic. A feeling occurred at irregular intervals. At first, only in a few places and times the intense when together.

Is there an intermittent love?

Do you have unsteady or an on again and off again love?

Can you love intermittently that is not stable and continuous?

Is your love’s intensity defends on the power of any variables? Are you just motivated to give love whenever there is a desired manipulative?

This kind of love is not promising for commitment. It has no contentment and satisfaction. It is  shallow and never hit the very substance of the heart. It speaks of fraud motives, disturbed desires and scattered promises. This happened when the heart itself is not settled to love and give love.

What made an ample love? 

All longs for love that is more than enough. A love that is abundant. A heart that  can sustain and reciprocate your love. A love  that fits and exceed the limerence you expect. A love becomes  ample and huge only when the inside is in abundance of the genuine love.

You cannot give more of what you have if you have less of it. If the self itself is in need of this kind of love, one can’t sustain loving you in return. One must experience love before giving it fully. From the very start, He filled us with His love to enable us to give love. We love because He first loved us. An ample love is true and overflowing love. He already made you to love truly and fully.


Why is love become insufficient?

The world speaks a lot about love, it marred the very essence of it.  Life brought about hardships,  distresses, and different adversities.  These afflictions torment the hearts of the lovers. Lead them to search for answers, fortune and worldly satisfactions  for escape. This impair the genuine love for each other that made it insufficient.  Causes division to the once happily in union. The deeper it goes when the lovers succumb to temptation. The heart  enters to a forbidden allurement.  The one love could never be enough when all these adversities, troubles and sorrows wreck the heart’s vows. Love  to each other become futile when unvalued. These turn the lovers in separate ways. The reality of  life  made the heart suffer.

When love is not enough there is more of the self than others.

There is more of reaching your own dreams than living and pursuing life together in simplicity. More of sacrificing relationship and people because love is not just enough to survive. When love is not enough, the hearts desire the world’s  beauty, power and wealth more than what the other can only offer. It could never be enough when reasons overpower the heart.

If the world gives  all the reasons for love to never be enough, find the Giver and Author of love. Draw closer to Him and He will fill your heart with genuine love once again. Love could only be enough  if the Giver’s love overflows in it. His love is more than enough to bring back the fullness of joy in your heart. He loved you first before anyone else got their eyes on you, and He loves you now even more. Stay in His love.      MRcE


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Love Poetry: Ineffable Love

The dawn welcomes a life, filled with agitation.

The Giver never fails to sustain until fully fledged.

….She grows, plays, enjoys, blooms!

Knows only one thing:

… She’s loved in which she alone can tell.

An innocent lass, enjoying freely a joyous notion will last.

When young, everything is desirous. A mind hard to twist, turn to impulses.

A demure asset invites paramours.

Several swains flock eagerly,  captured by your charm.


How can you elude the pursuers?

Can you silence your heart?

…No! There’s nothing you can do!

…She listens! Follows her whims!

An evident limerence, captured her heart.

Once a fondness now a warmth intimacy.

Exchanging vows could never be the same when it’s your first.

The  attachment and union was intense. Produces a life that binds the hearts.


…Love shatters!

Why should love be tested?

Why should lovers be crushed?

Once you are at the pedestal, now you’re his option.

Your name a song to his ears, now an annoying gong.

A  beloved partner  inflame by deceit and lies.

A passionately shared abode now a nest of a lonesome fighter.


Then you remember Someone!

…because you need a knight to fight for you, to stand for you, to listen, for sympathy and love.

Dumb for long, never called when He’s always near to you!

Blinded by allure and lies, never saw and felt  His presence in you.

Enslave by deceit and pain, ignored His goodness and prompts.

A broken heart, now a chance to mind a  steadfast love.


Your journey gives a reason to return to your first love.

His indescribable Being never abandons you.

His love is beyond words, beyond limits.

…His love is ineffable.



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The Reality of Pain

Life is complicated. Nobody lives entirely with pleasures in his whole life. The journey takes a smooth and rough roads.  This make one incline to pain. Pain is a medium for awareness and changes. What then are the bad and good side effects of pain? Why are you in pain? Do you know the messages it has brought to you?

Pain conveys different meaningful messages. The messages might hurt, torture, afflict you but assure a great changes in your life. Pain ushers good and bad outcomes. Your acceptance and reactions affect the essence of pain in your life. Remember: there’s no real love without hurting,  no sickness  without abuses, no affliction without sin.


The bad impact of pain is  very visible.  The physical could be a bondage to it.  It captives a mortal to sickness, grieve and scars.  Goes deeper the agony to the emotions and enslaves the feelings and reasons. It goes wilder and deeper if you keep on minding the pain. It brings out an attitudes in you which you don’t like. The sting can even destroy relationships, people and your soul.  These defective messages of pain are avoidable when at first you already drew near the Master Healer of your life and continues to be attached to Him. No sizes and quality of pain that He can’t mend.

The good effects of pain are achievable.  It reveals real attitude, motives, situations and people in your life.  It brought a keen understanding  and love of yourself.  It made you aware of your faults and weaknesses. It caused you to appreciate the world around you and  pursue the great horizon.  Enable you to value life and not to hurt others. Most of all it lead you down to your knees and humble before the Great Creator of your life.

Why are you in Pain? When there is pain, there is a failure, error, blunder, mishandled, miss up, cheat, diversion, or any other actions that causes changes in your life. Pain is a result of your  actions or other’s actions in you. You are hurt because you are mortal and vulnerable. When it’s heartily accepted and conquered there is a liberation and freedom. Pain is not forever and meant to be conquered. Face it and endure, for the battle is not yours.  Defeat pain by His love. Allow His blood to cleanse the scars. Be happy when you’re afflicted, for it made you a witness that His Words are true.



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Love Poetry: Savoring Solitude

There is a place in someone’s heart that is solely be called his very own. A unique space that is undivided, unshared and a reserved core intended for only One. This connect to his longings for a solitude. The more he yearn for it when the heart was beaten. To escape life’s foes he hanker solitudes. Is there good in solitude?

When Solitude is being felt…..

The Sun rays lighten the empty room.

The striking mood of the new day leavened me to modify the room.

Every corner I saw  abiding memories.

Every steps upholding  shared emblem of the past.


Stepping outside, felt a novel thoughts with the scenery.

The terrain seems rough and delayed my footsteps.

Striding the pathway, determined to be unfettered  by the past.

The same acquaintances prompt me to render untouched.

When Savoring Solitude….

For the first time, enjoy the breeze, swaying the leaves.

Hear the noise, listen to cries, laughs, schmooze and colloquy.

Appreciate what’s beyond reach, pamper, spoil, be petted, fondle!

See everything, the good, the bad, accept, assess and learn.


Being keen to your heart, listen, understand, conquer!

Hear your voice, refresh, encourage, live, determine!

Turn to the One Worthy, be wrapped, be Shielded!

Enjoying solitude with Him is relaxing with freedom.

When Solitude is Achieve….

A solitary life is not withdrawn but empowered.

Not isolated and desolate but  sedate and steadfast.

Not emptiness, but fullness of His presence.

Alone is not meant to be lonesome but more of engaging oneself.


Solely enjoy! Singly Savor the moments!

There is life when you left.

There is hope, when you’re gone.

He’s there, when you have nothing.

Alone, yet not truly alone!



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Why are You in Debt?

One word that is very common now in days are the popular “debt” thing. A lot are tempted to its sting in order to survive. Many are engulfed heavily and others manage to conquer over it. What is the reality of being in debt? What made you drowned to it? To whom do you really owe?

A Debt

Enticing me seems your task, come in full allured charm.

Induce by glimmering passion, coax in flattery  plea.

You came in my desolate and helpless state.

You beguile my hopeless fettle.

Thought no hero could rescue me.

That rumination in vain, a knight cradled me . 


In life one should strive hard to live, to compete, and to excel. They fall to ways that would lead to answer their quest in life. This is the reality: work in order to live. Part of it, is to be paid, earn and get higher wages. Differences in achieving it is very obvious.  Your life tends to be judged by your income. The respect you get defends on the accumulated earnings, profit and wealth you gain.  The world has shown these reality to us. With this, the world also offers many options to face the demands in life. The very best bait it offers is getting into debt.

The reality of getting into debt. Recurring monthly debt are things you must pay every month: like mortgage; car payment, credit cards, house rentals etc. Gross monthly income is the amount you make every month before  taxes, philhealth , SSS and others are taken out of your paycheck.  Debt  is only good in moderation, but your debt should not exceed 36% of your total monthly income. The danger lies when you are spending more than what you are earning. Debt brings so much troubles. It breaks relationship, separate you, causes sleepless nights and affects your health.


What made you drowned into debt? You fall into the world’s entrapment when you deluge into debt. The world has a lot to offer that would make you hook to it. Learn to give priority to major needs and not the wants. Manage your finances well, be a good steward of what’s not yours. Let contentment, acceptance and thankfulness shield your life to avoid getting drowned to debt.  Most of all acknowledge the Giver  to give way for more blessings. Drowning to debt is always possible if the source of life been neglected.


Owing no one is His perfect plan for you. He paid it all on  the cross. The thing that enslaves you is powerless in His presence. There’s always a way out when He’s involve in it. Prove that you are worthy of the things that He entrusted you.  Everyone is entitled to compete and to excel in a right way. You are not bound to hardship and liabilities if He trusted you. You are only in debt to your Savior, but your debt to Him is to be paid only by your  complete love and surrender. Drowning to debt sometimes is a result of your mishandling and unfaithfulness to Him. Be a good steward! Enjoy the treasures wisely and bless fully.



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Unanswered Questions

The art to question is what makes life active. Not just one but millions of individuals long for answers. Even a child’s mind already been engulf by wonders. As you age a lot more of queries develops in your minds. What drives you to demand for answers? Why question only when it turns bad for you? To whom are you really questioning? These are questions that grill your thoughts. Would you try to answer your own questions? Why not cross examine  them? 

IMG_3743 2

Why question only when everything turns bad for you? Humanity are incline to what is good and pleasing to their urges and impulses. When it’s not desirous they lament, doubt and question. They tend to refuse the fact that life has its ups and downs. Their  journey must undergo a straight and rough roads. Your heart must experience happiness and pains. The physical must endure the damages and abuses it received. Your thoughts must sustain the sanctions and dilemmas that control  it.  Be calmed by this: there is always amazing good happens even in your bad times. Why not inquire too when you’re in good times?


What drives you to demand for answers? Facts revealed are the start of questioning. When the reality is unacceptable you demand for good answers. The real unlikely situation brought your mind to urge for a better change. The truth in front of you doesn’t need to be questioned but needs to be accepted. Bloom’s Taxonomy shows how the facts develop and turn to something. At first, you saw the truth, remembered the facts . The first glance of it brings confusions when it is negative but when good never it affects you.  Second, Understanding to it is a must.  Understanding brings to acceptance. Third, It’s time to analyze the situation. Focus to the facts presented but never judging. Fourth, evaluate your life. Assess before and after every events. Examine and rate His goodness. Lastly, create something good in return to His goodness in your life. Don’t demand for answers but start understanding life through His love.


To whom are you really questioning? Psalms 10:1 “Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? Why hides thou thyself in times of trouble?” Psalms13:1 “How long will thou forget me, O Lord?  Forever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?”  Would it be obvious that you too,  be liked King David lamented to God. Do we have the right to question the will of the Creator? It’s not for us to question, but it’s a need to have faith in His plan. King David never ended blaming hopelessly the Lord but render with an amazing closure. Psalms 13:6 “I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealth bountifully with me.”  Your questions in life might remain unanswered, but the answers are very clear in His love. Not all of life need to be answered. Trust your questions and have faith to bridge the solutions. To question is a sign of doubt, and doubt is a start of  being faithless. Never ever doubt your Saviour. Enjoy the good  questioning! Patiently wait for His answers.



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What’s Behind Your Tears?

Tears convey various meanings. Crying is a medium babies use to let you understand their feelings. To let their needs and wants known. In this, they are very good in achieving and getting your attention. Crying is shedding of tears. Can anyone cry without a tears? What made you cry? What’s the benefit of crying?

Sometimes a person uses crying to manipulate others. A tendency to be like a child with no ways to attract attention. But without a real feeling tears are hard to flow. There’s crying without a tears only with a voice, that’s a fake weep. Emotional tears start in the brain where different feelings registered. The endocrine triggered and release hormones that causes tears. Tears come from Lacrimal gland near next to eyeball. When it secretes, it produces tears and excrete to drains tears. 


Tears  happen in response to strong emotions. You can’t fake tears, when your brain knows what you feel it honestly registered and strongly pass on the message. The glands in your eyes secrets protein and salty fluids, if it can’t contain it excrete, so tears fall out in your eyes. Tears is your honest response to heart’s struggles. Male tear ducts are larger than female, so it hardly filled. That’s why their tears barely come out. This wonder of creation is meant to be understood. Males are created to show strong emotions, to be a crying shoulders. Females are not weak but the ones whose duct glands easily filled, so tears shed right away.

One may experience stress, pleasures, happiness, anger, sadness, sufferings and pains. These are the conditions that will bring you in tears. Anyone can burst out when in great traumatic event. A heart breaks, health ordeals, and so much unmet expectations. Let your eyes be your outlet but never allow your inner self be defeated. Cry it out, express your  inner out but not breaking your heart. 

IMG_2637 2

There are effects of crying. Your heart rate increases, you sweat, breathing slows, and a lump in your throat because the drainage organ are filled with fluids. The good thing is: It helps maintain the eyes healthy, keeping the eyeball moist, nourish and protected. The more you shed tears, the more stronger the emotion. It cleanses your eyes and let you see clearly everything that causes your tears. A good cry is needed to be released from what controls and defiles your heart. Weep for worthy things but save your tears to what can build you up.

Don’t be downcast when you go through so much crying, even Jesus cried too. He burst and cried out in blood by begging to be spared from the agony that he greatly endured. Letting your heart out by crying is your way of understanding the pain, but only Him can heal the pain.  Whatever the cause of your tears let it not defeat you inwardly. There’s an end for suffering. He will wipe away your tears, for He  cares with one in affliction. Behind your tears is His love, hope, strength, and your courage. Just let your tears flow. You can cry outside but keep the joy inside. Shield it with His love!                Mrcev



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When in Abyss

What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out?


I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, 'till succumb again to the enchantment  of sleep.

Alone and barefoot, walking along an old abandoned pathway.

My heart beats faster, wonder where this travail would lead me.

Pass by a lot of thorny bushes, crawling grasses and strange voices.

After that twitchy rout, seeing the end is a cliff. 

Near the edge, I want to go back or keep going?

Trap by this dilemma, is chaotic than the first journey.

Urge by the needs, I'm going to the unknown.....FREE FALL!

Brave, yet coward to face what's underneath.


Grasping for breath while diving down the water;

Feel the struggle within, the perils of the sea are haunting me.

Wish I just turn back and take another route.

This is the reality: alone with misery and intense agony.

IMG_2637 2


It's getting darker, while going deeper into the unknown.

Helpless and hopeless I feel bursting, slowly giving up the strength.

Suddenly! I remember ONE name, this fuel up my consciousness.

With this, a prism of LIGHT is glimmering around the chasm.







I tap unexpectedly my face, my eyes wide open.

Awake but still lying down, my thoughts wonder.

Recalling where I stopped, saw myself near the shore.

It's more beautiful up here, peaceful and full of hope.


Honestly, I'm still ready for another night mare for me to know how I grow in the LIGHT.




There's always a way out when in abyss.

The LIGHT is faithful to shine and lead the way for you.

He brings hope and life to anyone who embraces the LIGHT.

Conquer your misery while passing by the abyss, remember...

You are not alone.           MRCE


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What to expect when having an escapade?

When summer breaks in, many want to escape the stressful day routines. Trying their best to get in a desired adventures of life. What’s really behind the urge to  temporarily escape the present life? What’s behind the escapade that could change anyone? Would it be worthy to consider having one?

The reality of life is evident in every corner of your eyes. Seeing a working mother, doubled her time to accomplished all the tasks. A family man, conquering the world for his family. A retired aged being, longing for enjoyment and happiness. A heartbroken and depressed lovers trying to survive. What envelope these things are the reasons that urge them to temporarily escape the present life. Is life so mean that withdrawal from it is needed for sometimes? A retreat is needed when one is exhausted. Breaking free from confinement is sometimes a fleeting answer for everyone. To have an escapade!

What’s behind it that could help change your perspective in life? An escapade is referred to an act of escaping or fleeing from restraints or confinement. An act involving some danger, risk, or excitement because it is different from usual activities. One can never venture to it without any motivation and goal. It’s an experience, an additional wonderful memories to your diary. The excitements that go with it are coupled with dangers and risks. It should be planned and executed according to the needs and aptness. It would then become effective when it freshen and liven up your spirit.


Escapade brings you to a fantasy that you desire. A temporary enjoyment that help ease the pains, hardships, burdens and stresses in life. When back to reality, the regain strength will be tested. With this you will know if your adventure had been worthwhile. It is a need to break free and give way for self relaxation but never leave away from His presence. Yearn for His love and care while into an occurrence. In every event of your life He should matter. The real strength in life comes from daily communing your soul to the Comforter of life. Expect enjoyment in your escapade, but regain your strength in His presence.                            Mrcev

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What More Could Jesus Do?

It’s so easy to identify a needy person with an affluent; to compare a sluggish with a brilliant; a sick with a healthy, but hard to examine the demands they’re trying to expose. There is something in one’s mind that wishes for his life must be and must not be. Everyone wishes and demands for his good. The demands that could even reach the heart of the Saviour. Would you wish Jesus could have done more for you? Would you demand a lot from Him being your Saviour? How far would Jesus go for you? What more could He do? We can dig deeper to this by dissecting two things: your demands and  Jesus’ demands.



Your demands. Success and failures apparently happen by chances or by ones own actions. If it’s by luck it would not last, if it’s by action of faith it would be enduring and unfaltering. You only demand something when your life is at fault. You wish for a good job to sustain your family. A lasting relationship is everyone’s aim. Un defective health for you to go on living. You might even ask: What if Jesus just stayed cause we need a real hero? Could He just answer prayers without hardships in man’s part? Most of the unnecessary things you only got to see when you are at the end of your rope. The reality you enjoyed the good side of life first before turning to Him when it’s already ruined.  The tendency is you only remember the Saviour when He’s needed. Man demands a lot from Him whenever his expectations fail. A hundred times you turn  your back to Him when you’re in comfort but a thousand times  He gets near and catches you. Ephesians 1:7 “In Him we have redemption through  His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” With the abundance of His  love and grace  your demands are fulfilled.


Jesus’ demands. Haven’t you wondered if Jesus having a hard times too?  Did He ever complained and disobeyed because of suffering? Luke 22:24 ” Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me;  yet not my will, but yours be done.” He wished to let it not happened. His love is so great  for you that He could not demand to be spared with the agony. His thoughts and heart were centered on you even if He had greatly suffered.  He could have escaped the tremendous persecution, He could have called His angels to bear the cross and fight for Him. There are more He can do to escaped the hardships and sufferings but He chose not to.  He left temporarily the splendor of the kingdom  just to undergo the misery which is intended for you. His only demand is for mankind to love Him with all their hearts. If what His done still not enough, for sure He’ll do it again just to win your heart.


What is man that He cares so much for? Our obscurities could lead Him to abandoned us, but none can stop Him from doing what is best for us. What more could He do?  Yes He can do more to love us. He can bless us more abundantly. This is possible because He feels and understands what we’re going through. He had nailed all our names in His hands, now He demands nothing but to etched His name deeply in our hearts. He has done everything for us because of His love, now let’s do our part. There are more He can do for you and me. Enjoy and be amazed by it.



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