Love Poetry: Savoring Solitude

There is a place in someone’s heart that is solely be called his very own. A unique space that is undivided, unshared and a reserved core intended for only One. This connect to his longings for a solitude. The more he yearn for it when the heart was beaten. To escape life’s foes he hanker solitudes. Is there good in solitude?

When Solitude is being felt…..

The Sun rays lighten the empty room.

The striking mood of the new day leavened me to modify the room.

Every corner I saw  abiding memories.

Every steps upholding  shared emblem of the past.


Stepping outside, felt a novel thoughts with the scenery.

The terrain seems rough and delayed my footsteps.

Striding the pathway, determined to be unfettered  by the past.

The same acquaintances prompt me to render untouched.

When Savoring Solitude….

For the first time, enjoy the breeze, swaying the leaves.

Hear the noise, listen to cries, laughs, schmooze and colloquy.

Appreciate what’s beyond reach, pamper, spoil, be petted, fondle!

See everything, the good, the bad, accept, assess and learn.


Being keen to your heart, listen, understand, conquer!

Hear your voice, refresh, encourage, live, determine!

Turn to the One Worthy, be wrapped, be Shielded!

Enjoying solitude with Him is relaxing with freedom.

When Solitude is Achieve….

A solitary life is not withdrawn but empowered.

Not isolated and desolate but  sedate and steadfast.

Not emptiness, but fullness of His presence.

Alone is not meant to be lonesome but more of engaging oneself.


Solely enjoy! Singly Savor the moments!

There is life when you left.

There is hope, when you’re gone.

He’s there, when you have nothing.

Alone, yet not truly alone!



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What’s New in the New Year?

The closing of the year 2018 is truly unstoppable. Hours, days seems  hurriedly nudging the year to end. Soon everything would be a memory. Are you ready for the new year? Would it really be a different year for you? What’s new in the coming year?

Are you ready for the new year?

Observing people this holiday seasons, is quite surprising. The hardships in life are very visible in someone’s fate. The ending year has brought so much of stress, struggles, pain and misery to some. The other side of the coin might be brighter to others. Whatever your pen has written in your diary, still you can’t stop its closure. There will always be an end to everything. End to all your sad and happy stories.  This year’s 365 pages book need to be closed. Are you ready to write down a new chapter in your life? Are you ready to leave behind your pains, fear, bitterness and failures?  Those unnecessary things and people who adds weight to your loads?  You can’t be ready to welcome the new year unless you are settled to move forward. With a happy heart welcomes the year!

Would it really be a different year for you?

Watching and reading news made everyone aware  of the economic, political, social standing of the country. With the social media arising nothing is hidden on yearly issues  that would sometimes confuse and inject fear for the coming year. Uneasiness on the differences  in the situations of life. Would there be improvements in personal matters? Though fear exists, still hope motivates to welcome the new year. Your faith on Him will joyfully introduce the frightening year.


What’s new in the new year?

When it’s new it should be unused. A fresh look, brand new existing and original. Readiness is essential for newness of something and someone. Once you’re ready to move forward and get rid of the exists baggage  new life will surely prevalent. New year conveys new you. A tougher and stronger tested by the ending hard year. New dreams and aspirations tighten your heart and mind. Level up your love and longings to the one Who energizes you. A new you means a  fresh thoughts,  motivated heart and cleanse soul. His faithful love is new every mornings ever since and the more for the new year. These two new things, (new you and His new love every mornings) must define your new year. 

It’s about time to close the 2018 story of your life. Cherish the good memories and learn from the sad pages of it. This new year focus to Jesus as the star of your life, …(to be given a rewarding pages and challenging plots). Still expect and be ready for  some twists, with faith 2019 will be beautiful. Enjoy the new year! Celebrate His love!



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Hiraeth…Missing Home

Christmas is shortly be celebrated. Its spirit  covers everyone along the busy streets.  Are they really happy? Is there one in a million out there with forged joy? Who desires to be home?

Hiraeth…. an odd word that conveys someone who misses home that never really was.

Far away…

Another Christmas day, but conflicting setting.

In a strange locale; alone, struggles for life.

Grappling, Wrestling, Seizing, Brawling!

No one hears your cry.

A man… far away from home. Outlying country for a brood.

White Christmas…

Another day, a remarkable morning.

A mantle of snow; its glacial frosty white adds to grief.

Shine, Glisten, Slide, Blanch!

No one understands your fights.

A man… longing for a home. Contemplating a white  Christmas with  a beloved.


Missing Home…

Another chapter of your life, soon a year ends.

Your family awaits;  home your aspirations.

Strive, Labor, Elude, Endure!

No one sees your efforts.

A man missing a home that you can’t return to or that never was.

A Home for Christmas…

Another to reminisce , recollection of life.

A blessed future, His advent promised.

Dream, Ponder, Believe, Pray!

He listens to your heart.

A homeless man finds a glorious abode in His heart.

His love will bring you home.



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When is Christmas Meaningful?

The notion of “Christmas ” means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. The world felt the spirit of Christmas of different degree and time, though others do not celebrate it. Every year, memories of it cherished by some but others abhor its existence. Are you one of those who long for its occurrence? What it has to do with you? When did you feel Christmas has brought meaning to your life?

The holiday season is welcome with so much expectations. Many are anticipating for good things to happen: a family reunions, a lavish presents and sumptuous banquets. No one could deny this is the most awaited celebration of the year. It’s obvious as well that every year the festivity was changing to meager due to poverty. This changes were felt tremendously by adults who care so much for the family. Should hardships, separations, scarcity and poverty affect the essence of  Christmas?

I heard someone say, “This is the saddest time for most.” Why? Your scarcity is very evident while others enjoy the abundance in life. The holiday makes material things apparently observe. Your heartaches are greatly undeniable when the cold breeze sway your emotions. Hearing Christmas songs trigger the loneliness. All these connotations might explain why Christmas is a wretched and desolate event for some. What it has to do with you? Would you consider material things and the festivity the sole reasons of your happiness this holiday season? Would broken relationships, part ways and shattered families have no chance for complete real joy? Your insufficiency and sorrows are His chance to shine. Would you allow Him to excel this very season?

When did you feel the real meaning of Christmas? Has the entire year brought you a lessons and memories to cherish? The essence of Christmas is felt by  every pain you have overcome, by every tears fall, by every mistakes corrected, by every hellos and goodbyes, by every scars healed, every uncertainties you’ve endured and every turning point you’ve decided. When it’s good memories keep it but when it’s woeful and tough use it. Find meaning in the facts and truths He had presented on the baby wrapped with swaddling clothes. He had been through all your agony and misery. He had victoriously overcome such struggles. Christmas has always been meaningful regardless of any circumstances and status you’re in. He is the key to your happiness. Enjoy the holiday with Him in your heart.




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Love Poetry: Does True Love Exists?

The grandeur of this world is in the hearts of the humanity who believes in the greatness of love.  The mortals who exhibit warmth and fondness.  A passion for desire, intimacy and devotion. A yearning  and longing for a lasting love.

The emergence of love…..

Stranger Inside

Wallop suddenly, sign of falling

Never even knock, felt abruptly

Beating faster when in your presence

Never to deny a beatific feeling 

The affection seems dormant when disregarded

Belittling your power is a regret

The fondness should go in polished

Conceiving your love is the answer

A power hard to resist….

Keeping a Secret

How will you know?

Eyes can tell, sees  the truth.

Ears hear a lot, deaf for fear.

Mouth says a thing, dumb is a cause.

How long should I keep?

Mine to keep, mine to hurt.

Silence a thing, silence my heart.

Envied your love, conquer my guilt.

Invade a friendship, capture a life.

Still remain a secret.

The dawning of enchantment….

I love you….

It’s a sudden fall!

A great love entrapment!

It’s a sluggish heal!

A rue chance attachment! 

I regret not…

With you I encountered it,

The love I long to know.

With you I understand it,

The love I shared to you.

Dream Feeling

Wake up from coma, a sudden rise

Butterflies flutter inside

Restive my heart, a fall begins

Biddable prompt within

Restrain the self, as love enters. 

The cool wind directs the hair to flow,

Feels it longer with every beats of the heart.

His music inspires the thoughts to create,

Dreams lurch the time to roll the moments of the night.

A dream feeling, spent with you.

Love Confusion.Strong and sudden bewilderment….

I’m just so ignorant when it comes to love, that

I may not able to understand love.

I’m just so impatient when it confuses me, that

I may not aim to truly experience love

When I saw someone beaten by love,

Fear envelopes my coward heart.

When I felt someone in agony,

Fair punishment be render to the lovers.

When doubts, betrayal, and deception unfold….

The Uncertainties of love. 

I should keep going and finding answers though it’s hard.

This would make me still believe in the greatness of love.

I should keep believing and finding someone though I’m sad.

This would make me still believe that he is out there to give me love.

Does True Love Really Exists?

You are still loved. Show and Give Love for His sake.




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The Truths Behind Your Lies


Assuming a glimmering light in the darken crypt, a creeping human emerge.

Presuming accompanied by a valor,  venture without queries.

Plunge! Gamble! Proffer! Dare!

What unassuming innocent lass.


The night seems frightful.

The sounds are terrible. Still succumb to this unsavory setting and Sickening site.

All are nothing but fascinating when she’s with the fraudulent cavalier.


When love struck heavily,  life is in his words.

The night conceals for his presence to linger.

A powerless reasons for a love entrapment revealed.


Would she tarry for lies? 

Delay leaving the crypt, where she was belittle and dawdled back  inside the darkness.

Strolls! Wanders! Ambles! Abandon self for love.


The truth was not actually hidden. 

Reality comes in a rushing wind.

Blows her being, enough to silence the heart.

Saw the pain in the coward core of the swain.

Poverty made him captive. Her innocent love atones his guilt.

Settles truths and lies. All for the sake of progeny.

This prolongs the teary farewells.


Perfidy is evident to life.

It roars until you are engulfed.

Make a brace suffer freely in hunter’s hand.

In its love sting captives anyone.

A deer pants for water when tired.

A Lily pad endures cradling a frog ’till dawn.

Many are deceitful to survive.


A reason to live urge one to delude.

Silence is not the answer.

Facts divulge slowly when enkindle.

Hide your pain but not the tears. 

Truth is not merely in words.

Be transparent! Turn to yourself.

The truth is within you.




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Why are You in Debt?

One word that is very common now in days are the popular “debt” thing. A lot are tempted to its sting in order to survive. Many are engulfed heavily and others manage to conquer over it. What is the reality of being in debt? What made you drowned to it? To whom do you really owe?

A Debt

Enticing me seems your task, come in full allured charm.

Induce by glimmering passion, coax in flattery  plea.

You came in my desolate and helpless state.

You beguile my hopeless fettle.

Thought no hero could rescue me.

That rumination in vain, a knight cradled me . 


In life one should strive hard to live, to compete, and to excel. They fall to ways that would lead to answer their quest in life. This is the reality: work in order to live. Part of it, is to be paid, earn and get higher wages. Differences in achieving it is very obvious.  Your life tends to be judged by your income. The respect you get defends on the accumulated earnings, profit and wealth you gain.  The world has shown these reality to us. With this, the world also offers many options to face the demands in life. The very best bait it offers is getting into debt.

The reality of getting into debt. Recurring monthly debt are things you must pay every month: like mortgage; car payment, credit cards, house rentals etc. Gross monthly income is the amount you make every month before  taxes, philhealth , SSS and others are taken out of your paycheck.  Debt  is only good in moderation, but your debt should not exceed 36% of your total monthly income. The danger lies when you are spending more than what you are earning. Debt brings so much troubles. It breaks relationship, separate you, causes sleepless nights and affects your health.


What made you drowned into debt? You fall into the world’s entrapment when you deluge into debt. The world has a lot to offer that would make you hook to it. Learn to give priority to major needs and not the wants. Manage your finances well, be a good steward of what’s not yours. Let contentment, acceptance and thankfulness shield your life to avoid getting drowned to debt.  Most of all acknowledge the Giver  to give way for more blessings. Drowning to debt is always possible if the source of life been neglected.


Owing no one is His perfect plan for you. He paid it all on  the cross. The thing that enslaves you is powerless in His presence. There’s always a way out when He’s involve in it. Prove that you are worthy of the things that He entrusted you.  Everyone is entitled to compete and to excel in a right way. You are not bound to hardship and liabilities if He trusted you. You are only in debt to your Savior, but your debt to Him is to be paid only by your  complete love and surrender. Drowning to debt sometimes is a result of your mishandling and unfaithfulness to Him. Be a good steward! Enjoy the treasures wisely and bless fully.



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