Unanswered Questions

The art to question is what makes life active. Not just one but millions of individuals long for answers. Even a child’s mind already been engulf by wonders. As you age a lot more of queries develops in your minds. What drives you to demand for answers? Why question only when it turns bad for you? To whom are you really questioning? These are questions that grill your thoughts. Would you try to answer your own questions? Why not cross examine  them? 

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Why question only when everything turns bad for you? Humanity are incline to what is good and pleasing to their urges and impulses. When it’s not desirous they lament, doubt and question. They tend to refuse the fact that life has its ups and downs. Their  journey must undergo a straight and rough roads. Your heart must experience happiness and pains. The physical must endure the damages and abuses it received. Your thoughts must sustain the sanctions and dilemmas that control  it.  Be calmed by this: there is always amazing good happens even in your bad times. Why not inquire too when you’re in good times?


What drives you to demand for answers? Facts revealed are the start of questioning. When the reality is unacceptable you demand for good answers. The real unlikely situation brought your mind to urge for a better change. The truth in front of you doesn’t need to be questioned but needs to be accepted. Bloom’s Taxonomy shows how the facts develop and turn to something. At first, you saw the truth, remembered the facts . The first glance of it brings confusions when it is negative but when good never it affects you.  Second, Understanding to it is a must.  Understanding brings to acceptance. Third, It’s time to analyze the situation. Focus to the facts presented but never judging. Fourth, evaluate your life. Assess before and after every events. Examine and rate His goodness. Lastly, create something good in return to His goodness in your life. Don’t demand for answers but start understanding life through His love.


To whom are you really questioning? Psalms 10:1 “Why standest thou afar off, O Lord? Why hides thou thyself in times of trouble?” Psalms13:1 “How long will thou forget me, O Lord?  Forever? How long wilt thou hide thy face from me?”  Would it be obvious that you too,  be liked King David lamented to God. Do we have the right to question the will of the Creator? It’s not for us to question, but it’s a need to have faith in His plan. King David never ended blaming hopelessly the Lord but render with an amazing closure. Psalms 13:6 “I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealth bountifully with me.”  Your questions in life might remain unanswered, but the answers are very clear in His love. Not all of life need to be answered. Trust your questions and have faith to bridge the solutions. To question is a sign of doubt, and doubt is a start of  being faithless. Never ever doubt your Saviour. Enjoy the good  questioning! Patiently wait for His answers.



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What’s Behind Your Tears?

Tears convey various meanings. Crying is a medium babies use to let you understand their feelings. To let their needs and wants known. In this, they are very good in achieving and getting your attention. Crying is shedding of tears. Can anyone cry without a tears? What made you cry? What’s the benefit of crying?

Sometimes a person uses crying to manipulate others. A tendency to be like a child with no ways to attract attention. But without a real feeling tears are hard to flow. There’s crying without a tears only with a voice, that’s a fake weep. Emotional tears start in the brain where different feelings registered. The endocrine triggered and release hormones that causes tears. Tears come from Lacrimal gland near next to eyeball. When it secretes, it produces tears and excrete to drains tears. 


Tears  happen in response to strong emotions. You can’t fake tears, when your brain knows what you feel it honestly registered and strongly pass on the message. The glands in your eyes secrets protein and salty fluids, if it can’t contain it excrete, so tears fall out in your eyes. Tears is your honest response to heart’s struggles. Male tear ducts are larger than female, so it hardly filled. That’s why their tears barely come out. This wonder of creation is meant to be understood. Males are created to show strong emotions, to be a crying shoulders. Females are not weak but the ones whose duct glands easily filled, so tears shed right away.

One may experience stress, pleasures, happiness, anger, sadness, sufferings and pains. These are the conditions that will bring you in tears. Anyone can burst out when in great traumatic event. A heart breaks, health ordeals, and so much unmet expectations. Let your eyes be your outlet but never allow your inner self be defeated. Cry it out, express your  inner out but not breaking your heart. 

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There are effects of crying. Your heart rate increases, you sweat, breathing slows, and a lump in your throat because the drainage organ are filled with fluids. The good thing is: It helps maintain the eyes healthy, keeping the eyeball moist, nourish and protected. The more you shed tears, the more stronger your emotion. It cleanses your eyes and let you see clearly everything that causes your tears. A good cry is needed to be released from what controls and defiles your heart. Weep for worthy things but save your tears to what can build you up.

Don’t be downcast when you go through so much crying, even Jesus cried too. He burst and cried out in blood by begging to be spared from the agony that he greatly endured. Letting your heart out by crying is your way of understanding the pain, but only Him can heal the pain.  Whatever the cause of your tears let it not defeat you inwardly. There’s an end for suffering. He will wipe away your tears, for He  empathize with one in affliction. Behind your tears is His love, hope, strength, your courage and happiness. Just let your tears flow. You can cry outside but keep the joy inside. Shield it with His love! 



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When Waves Reach the Shore…

What it would be like if you lost alone  in the middle of the sea? For sure, you’ll gonna clutch to anything that would bring you to the shore. Then, seeing a solid ground is life. You might call it your second life when getting into the land. What’s in the sea that frightens you? What’s good with the waves? What is life in relation to this? 

Waves are products of winds. They are not actually part of the sea, but the results of the outside forces that work on the body of water. They are dangerous but they bring beauty to the ocean water. Low pressure are creating good and strong waves. The longer the pressure the bigger the energy of the wind imparted to the waves.


In life, there are people and things that should not belong but stick on and keep intervening your life. They are hazardous though sometimes give colors to your days. It’s hard to get away from them.  Like the waves, the intensity of the pressure in life make you tougher and stronger. A thought comes a times when perils of the waves haunt, “I wish the sea has no waves”, but it will lost its beauty. It will be more frightening because of the absence of the movement and soothing effect  near the shore. So just keep absorbing pressures in life, surf and flow through it happily.

Deep water deliver bigger waves, and large waves moves quickly than small waves. When the waves reach the shore, it lost intensity, energy, power and tend to slow down. 


If you find yourself soak  and flooded with problems. It seems the deep water engulfing you and struggling with bigger waves. Remember it will never stay long in you. The Creator designed it not to knocked you down, His power is made perfect in your weakness. At the right time in your life, everything will be cleared and peaceful as you came near the shore. You just need to strive and conquer by going with the flow until you’ll be lead to the shore. 

Waves created by winds are influenced along the way by: rainfalls, tides, coastal backwash, currents and even land disturbances like earthquakes and others. It results to tsunamis, tidal waves and water surges.

There really comes a time in your life when you are hit so badly.  You are thrown here and there with great adversaries. It might leave you unexplained casualties but always has an end. There’s quietness  and calmness after all the disturbances. It’s how you face it with Him that matters.

What’s good with the waves? Beaches at the edge of a shore are formed and continually changed by the ocean waves moving rock particles. These sands,  gravels, and shell fragments deposited along the shore line when waves  reach make the beaches amazing. 


When you’re at the peak of an ordeal good things are blurry. In every struggles there’s hope and lessons learned. You are imparting good memories to others. Your life will be one of those fragments deposited in the shore and add to its beauty.  These legacies will make a difference to anyone who pass by your way and they will be amazed.

When waves reach the shore, many things will happen. It brings hope, tranquility, life and beauty to the shoreline. But while at the deep ocean they bring fear, uncertainty, weakness and even death to anyone. Nobody wants to be engulfed, deluged and drowned alone by the great waves in the ocean. When it happens, like Peter, be ready to call Jesus and  grasp His hands even if you’re told to be of little faith. With no doubt of His love He will save you from the scary waves. Take it a joy when your life is in serenity. Confidently, face the temporary waves in your life. Don’t give up! remember you’re not alone.                        MRcE


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Bridging the Unknown

What to do when you do not know where you’re going? A question that challenge anyone about the future. There’s no perfect clue for the unknown in your life. Yet there’s something you can do to embrace the unknown happily. Make a bridge of your present life to the unknown. 

What is life ahead? 

Will you be there?

I sleep then I wake up, 

doing all these everyday.

I dream and I hope, 

 believing with you everyday.

Trying to reach the unknown, 

not knowing what’s in there.

Will you still be there?

What is life ahead?

What is a bridge for? Is having a structure that connect and span a physical obstacles. Physical hindrances are very obvious. You can’t fathom His ways and plans for all. Don’t let your heart and mind suffer in forcing to expose the unknown. Live one day at a time.

The uncertainties are  intended to be unrevealed. 

Acceptance to your  mind’s limitations, will help you face what’s beyond. It’s not for you to know the secrets of tomorrow, but you must believe the one who controls it.

Your FAITH will bridge the bright future  to your present condition.

His plans are better than any motives of your heart.

He gives full of hope for the future. 


A bridge is designed to support the loads. The foundation transfers the loads to the grounds. The structure and the foundation work together to create a strong long-lasting bridge. 

How did you shape, pattern and build your foundation in life? 

Do you think what you have is enough to endure  the unknown?

Is that thing you defend on can bear the loads?

Can it help you create a strong and lasting connection to the unknown?

A tendency for anyone is to strive digging and planning their own life to reach a temporary desired future.

Yet you always forget the real true foundation is only His Words and in Him alone. 

The bridge needs to be monitored every 3 to 6 months. It should be inspected regularly every 3to 6 years. It’s a must to know how it suffered and endured the difficulties: the forces of the wind, storm, people, vehicles and others.  

It’s a must for anyone to always connect to the  Master, and to monitor ones faith.

There are moving forces along the way that could weaken your foundation. Financial, health, social and emotional problems are too much loads for a wavering faith.

Don’t settle for less when it’s about your future. Let Him involve in the past, present and to your future. 


Bridging the unknown is not your main task.

Allowing Jesus as the Bridge is your main concern.

Your faith will connect you to the bridge.

Your trust in His love will open good ways to the uncertainties.

His love covers all the fears in you. 

You are worry free when you are in the bridge.

 He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Enjoy exploring the bridge while enduring the unknown.        MRcE

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What is Life When Sunset Comes?

Life has its beginning and end. Same as it shows that there is black and white. So as the creation, everything works and take a rest. The Sun is no exemption,  as others would say: ” it rested during sunset”.  There are reasons in every activity though confusing, yet well cherished. In a day there will always closures. A sunset appears even when unnoticed. Then, why is sunset essential? What is life at sunset? 

Recalling Science lesson with my students,  I can only give some factors that are essentials for the sunset. First is the clouds. They do a lot in capturing the light like a canvass and reflect it to the grounds.  The Sun is low in the horizon during sunset but the clouds must be high enough like Cirrus clouds to provide a  vivid sunset colors.  

Sometimes you expect so much in your horizon, you highly regard the things in your life and forget that it’s in your lowest that you’ve encounter the fascinating and striking moments. These blockers of your plans and dreams will serve as canvas to give meaning to a dull and tedious days. When you’re down He must be in control. In your lowest the Light keeps on shining and give a marvelous picture of your life.


The air pollutants. Back to the lesson of Refraction: the Sun is refracted as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. Molecules and particles in the atmosphere cause the light rays to scatter. Dust  and other air pollutions affect the color of the sunset. The more pollutions the greater is the sunset impaired and could not be visible.

There are lots of things and even people considered as toxic in your life. They marred His perfect plan, ruin  and scattered your life. They contaminate your mind and even pollute your heart. The greater they are, the nearer you will be to darkness. Cleansing is needed to keep the Light rays visible. 

The storm or rainfall. This thing might brought damaged and sorrow to others but it is more fascinating in the atmosphere after storm for it washes away air pollutants. The sunset colors now will  become bright red, yellow and orange, means a clean air and a weather will be clear. This is the famous sunset.

If you allow the storms  to pass by, you will see the good side of its impact in your life. There will always be good things in every struggles. A hard blow is sometimes needed to wake you up.  After all, everyone will adore your glow. The beauty is seen after the struggles. Then you can welcome the darkness of the night with confidence.


The Earth’s rotation. One of my favorite lesson: when the Earth rotates on its own axis; it produces the night and day. For not all the places will be directly lighted by the Sun, so the moon is visible. Together with this process, the Earth simultaneously revolves around the Sun as well and this results to a year round. 

Rotation and Revolution process lead us in awe of the great Creator. Yes, He’s not silent, but orchestrated your life. There will always be night for you to see the splendor of Light. The sunset allows you to prepare for the coming darkness. It happens to recognize His workings in your weaknesses. When sunset comes, remind yourself to humble and surrender to the power of Light.  In this way you will conquer the darkness engulfing around you. You will never be alone on  day and even at night. Sunset represents closures, expect ending even with those unmet plans and dreams. There will never be sunrise if there’s no sunset in your life. The sunrise comes to still give you hope. Remember He made it all for you. He wants you to be strong day and night in your life. Enjoy the sunset and be ready for the darkness of the night.         MRcE


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Why Leaves Fall?

The leaves are very obvious when falling. They are evident everywhere. There is force when you fall. This force comes in different forms. A thing falls intentionally or even not. Anything  and anyone  do fall with a reasons. What’s the essence of falling leaves to us? Why falling is possible? What causes the fall? What’s next after falling?

A plant is  grateful whenever it has so much of green leaves. Leaves are life of a plant. It process food for the plant with the help of the sun, water and carbon dioxide. Chlorophyll as the chemical inside them makes the leaves green. Leaves make a plant more vibrant and irresistible to any living things. It also help keeping you cool on hot days by making shade. A sort of umbrella, when the leaves fill the spaces between branches to make a canopy. Leaves also make the trees good homes for animals. They are very important that losing them is a risk for the tree.


Your life is like a leaf in which a tree  is dependent on. The people around needs you for them to survive life. You are their source of strength and joy. Even others need your presence  to ignite their life. But in reality, like the leaf it will not last. Why all these has an end? 

IMG_2850 2

Why falling is possible? Leaves fall  because of many reasons. Exposure to bending forces and stresses like wind, snow, hail, falling debris, animals and abrasions from plant structure. You  are facing such forces in life; the wind and storm can shake your faith. Even if you are equipped like a leaf it is flat and thin made to survive heavy wind, still troubles can knock you down. Not all the time you are good  on top but expect downfall. Turbulence of the air strong wind forces results in the diminished leaf numbers. The leaf fell and died during cold season. Even if how hard you fight for adversary,  if you neglected the Master still you fell off. If you value the temporal than the eternal things in your life, you’ll be liken to a leaf storing water in itself that cause it to freeze and die during winter. Avoid  hiding those bitterness, sin and hatred in your heart for you to endure during hard times.


There are good things to ponder in falling leaves. When the leaf fell off, it leaves a leaf scar on the twig. In every sorrow there’s a scar that would make you tough. In every pain, the heart becomes stronger. The leaves prepare a special layer on branches to protect the tree from winter and store up food. When leaves fall to the ground, they eventually break down and provide nutrients for the soil; helping prepare for more plants to grow. There’s life after falling. Still be a blessing in your downfall.  Let your heart breaks help uplift others. He has a reason for every troubles in your life.

IMG_2887 2

Photosynthesis is impossible when there’s no sunlight. There’s no life apart from the Master. He’s the Light that provides Life. When cold season comes, the leaves slowly fading the green colors, they are restored in the tree for food. Their true colors  revealed and fall  then crumple down. When there’s no sunlight the leaf has no chlorophyll and it changes its colors. These colors are actually been in the leaves, it’s just invisible because the green from the chlorophyll was blocking them. Adversaries in life are always there but they are lightened or even diminished because of His true love.  Life is not all joy; problems will strike anytime but can be overcome. Real attitudes reveal  when in tough  situation. Leaves exist and fall with reasons, and so are you. You are made ready for life’s challenges, let the Light visible in you. When life ends, let its legacy provide hope for new life. Make the fall meaningful for others to grow a new hope. The tree continues to grow and flourish.  Like how a leaf cope the changing seasons, learn to face every season in your life with love. Prepare and enjoy the fall.        MRcE



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What to Do When You are Draining?

There’s draining when you are living. Anyone needs to be active in order to live. In life it’s either you’ve been used or you are using someone. You are not draining if you’re not giving and taking. Why all these are happening? What to do when it happens? What usually is draining in you?

Why the draining Happened?

Draining means it runs out, leaving it empty, it cleared and dried out. There’s exhaustion. weakness, tiredness and being hopeless.  It never drained out if it was full. Your life must be filled up before you can pour out. You are full and complete not by your own effort. It was perfect when He created humanity. Every aspect of your life were real and ready to share. You are intact, that’s what makes you human. With that you are capable to build, reproduce, help, serve, love and even sacrifice. When these are strongly evident you will soon felt drained of what has given and entrusted to you if not filled up. When you detached from the giver you lost the source of life. The moment the self over power, the source is not effectuated.

IMG_3287 2

What usually is draining in you?

Physical is the most obvious sign. Exhaustion comes whenever worked. All bodily organs need to work and rest at a certain time and that makes night and day. When physical is worn out, different ailments occur.

Emotion gets weary when the physical is exhausted. Emotional drain is more dangerous. It is the absence of happiness. Avoid being weak inside for it radiate on the outside. Spiritual drain is the emptiness of the soul. The need of life’s purpose and future assurance. This is the weakening of one’s faith. Bankruptcy on your resources is so popular now a days. What you have will not last when not a good steward. It has a reason when your draining financially, but always has a way out.

What to do when you’re draining?

Be a responsible steward of your body and resources. You can’t be trusted with huge things if you’re not faithful with little. The body has strength and weaknesses, know and understand every part of it. When the physical weakens be sensitive to the need it conveys. Give time to relax  and rest for you body is not a machine. Emotional draining is connected to the physical. When the heart is afflicted, the body suffers. Guard the joy  of your heart, if you want to be strong outwardly. Bring your soul closer to the Creator for you to be empowered. He is the complete source of power that never gives up and of the resources that never runs dry. A jug of water before you fill it with water needs to be cleansed. Clean up yourself with the mess, before He’ll do the filling.

IMG_2994 2

Allow draining and emptying in your life, for this  is His way of testing your faithfulness. He will never leave you helpless when dried up.  His faithfulness will overflow like a river   when  you believe. When you have nothing, He has more to do in your life. Enjoy draining to yourself and filling with His love.            MRcE


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