Why Leaves Fall?

The leaves are very obvious when falling. They are evident everywhere. There is force when you fall. This force comes in different forms. A thing falls intentionally or even not. Anything  and anyone  do fall with a reasons. What’s the essence of falling leaves to us? Why falling is possible? What causes the fall? What’s next after falling?

A plant is  grateful whenever it has so much of green leaves. Leaves are life of a plant. It process food for the plant with the help of the sun, water and carbon dioxide. Chlorophyll as the chemical inside them makes the leaves green. Leaves make a plant more vibrant and irresistible to any living things. It also help keeping you cool on hot days by making shade. A sort of umbrella, when the leaves fill the spaces between branches to make a canopy. Leaves also make the trees good homes for animals. They are very important that losing them is a risk for the tree.


Your life is like a leaf in which a tree  is dependent on. The people around needs you for them to survive life. You are their source of strength and joy. Even others need your presence  to ignite their life. But in reality, like the leaf it will not last. Why all these has an end? 

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Why falling is possible? Leaves fall  because of many reasons. Exposure to bending forces and stresses like wind, snow, hail, falling debris, animals and abrasions from plant structure. You  are facing such forces in life; the wind and storm can shake your faith. Even if you are equipped like a leaf it is flat and thin made to survive heavy wind, still troubles can knock you down. Not all the time you are good  on top but expect downfall. Turbulence of the air strong wind forces results in the diminished leaf numbers. The leaf fell and died during cold season. Even if how hard you fight for adversary,  if you neglected the Master still you fell off. If you value the temporal than the eternal things in your life, you’ll be liken to a leaf storing water in itself that cause it to freeze and die during winter. Avoid  hiding those bitterness, sin and hatred in your heart for you to endure during hard times.


There are good things to ponder in falling leaves. When the leaf fell off, it leaves a leaf scar on the twig. In every sorrow there’s a scar that would make you tough. In every pain, the heart becomes stronger. The leaves prepare a special layer on branches to protect the tree from winter and store up food. When leaves fall to the ground, they eventually break down and provide nutrients for the soil; helping prepare for more plants to grow. There’s life after falling. Still be a blessing in your downfall.  Let your heart breaks help uplift others. He has a reason for every troubles in your life.

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Photosynthesis is impossible when there’s no sunlight. There’s no life apart from the Master. He’s the Light that provides Life. When cold season comes, the leaves slowly fading the green colors, they are restored in the tree for food. Their true colors  revealed and fall  then crumple down. When there’s no sunlight the leaf has no chlorophyll and it changes its colors. These colors are actually been in the leaves, it’s just invisible because the green from the chlorophyll was blocking them. Adversaries in life are always there but they are lightened or even diminished because of His true love.  Life is not all joy; problems will strike anytime but can be overcome. Real attitudes reveal  when in tough  situation. Leaves exist and fall with reasons, and so are you. You are made ready for life’s challenges, let the Light visible in you. When life ends, let its legacy provide hope for new life. Make the fall meaningful for others to grow a new hope. The tree continues to grow and flourish.  Like how a leaf cope the changing seasons, learn to face every season in your life with love. Prepare and enjoy the fall.        MRcE



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What to Do When You are Draining?

There’s draining when you are living. Anyone needs to be active in order to live. In life it’s either you’ve been used or you are using someone. You are not draining if you’re not giving and taking. Why all these are happening? What to do when it happens? What usually is draining in you?

Why the draining Happened?

Draining means it runs out, leaving it empty, it cleared and dried out. There’s exhaustion. weakness, tiredness and being hopeless.  It never drained out if it was full. Your life must be filled up before you can pour out. You are full and complete not by your own effort. It was perfect when He created humanity. Every aspect of your life were real and ready to share. You are intact, that’s what makes you human. With that you are capable to build, reproduce, help, serve, love and even sacrifice. When these are strongly evident you will soon felt drained of what has given and entrusted to you if not filled up. When you detached from the giver you lost the source of life. The moment the self over power, the source is not effectuated.

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What usually is draining in you?

Physical is the most obvious sign. Exhaustion comes whenever worked. All bodily organs need to work and rest at a certain time and that makes night and day. When physical is worn out, different ailments occur.

Emotion gets weary when the physical is exhausted. Emotional drain is more dangerous. It is the absence of happiness. Avoid being weak inside for it radiate on the outside. Spiritual drain is the emptiness of the soul. The need of life’s purpose and future assurance. This is the weakening of one’s faith. Bankruptcy on your resources is so popular now a days. What you have will not last when not a good steward. It has a reason when your draining financially, but always has a way out.

What to do when you’re draining?

Be a responsible steward of your body and resources. You can’t be trusted with huge things if you’re not faithful with little. The body has strength and weaknesses, know and understand every part of it. When the physical weakens be sensitive to the need it conveys. Give time to relax  and rest for you body is not a machine. Emotional draining is connected to the physical. When the heart is afflicted, the body suffers. Guard the joy  of your heart, if you want to be strong outwardly. Bring your soul closer to the Creator for you to be empowered. He is the complete source of power that never gives up and of the resources that never runs dry. A jug of water before you fill it with water needs to be cleansed. Clean up yourself with the mess, before He’ll do the filling.

IMG_2994 2

Allow draining and emptying in your life, for this  is His way of testing your faithfulness. He will never leave you helpless when dried up.  His faithfulness will overflow like a river   when  you believe. When you have nothing, He has more to do in your life. Enjoy draining to yourself and filling with His love.            MRcE


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When in Abyss

What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out?


I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, 'till succumb again to the enchantment  of sleep.

Alone and barefoot, walking along an old abandoned pathway.

My heart beats faster, wonder where this travail would lead me.

Pass by a lot of thorny bushes, crawling grasses and strange voices.

After that twitchy rout, seeing the end is a cliff. 

Near the edge, I want to go back or keep going?

Trap by this dilemma, is chaotic than the first journey.

Urge by the needs, I'm going to the unknown.....FREE FALL!

Brave, yet coward to face what's underneath.


Grasping for breath while diving down the water;

Feel the struggle within, the perils of the sea are haunting me.

Wish I just turn back and take another route.

This is the reality: alone with misery and intense agony.

IMG_2637 2


It's getting darker, while going deeper into the unknown.

Helpless and hopeless I feel bursting, slowly giving up the strength.

Suddenly! I remember ONE name, this fuel up my consciousness.

With this, a prism of LIGHT is glimmering around the chasm.







I tap unexpectedly my face, my eyes wide open.

Awake but still lying down, my thoughts wonder.

Recalling where I stopped, saw myself near the shore.

It's more beautiful up here, peaceful and full of hope.


Honestly, I'm still ready for another night mare for me to know how I grow in the LIGHT.




There's always a way out when in abyss.

The LIGHT is faithful to shine and lead the way for you.

He brings hope and life to anyone who embraces the LIGHT.

Conquer your misery while passing by the abyss, remember...

You are not alone.           MRCE


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How to Get Rid With the Pain in Your Heart?

You have a heart if you been hurt.  Millions of people giving love everyday in exchange for happiness. With no assurance of heartaches free, they succumb to the love games. The heart suffers with pain. A lot of factors could struck the heart. Let’s consider what affects the heart and ways to combat the battles in there. Why the heart suffers pain? How to ease the pain? One must learn these facts because when you love someone you’re  prone to heartaches.

Why the heart suffers pain? Anything bad happened is due to the motive of the heart that leads to actions.  To satisfy your wants; you fill in the different desires of the body organs. The tummy, eyes, ears, material things, self and sex gratification demands a lot from you.  Purposely achieving them can suffer the heart. Physical  pain of diseases are evident of these struggles.  There’s pain whenever you miss the needed care of your body. 


Aside from the physical there’s also the emotional pain. When you love it’s not a guarantee that it’s all joy and no pain. Because you can’t truly love until you’re hurt. The pain in your heart happens if the love is not reciprocated. The pain grows if betrayal occurs. It could be very painful  because you give a complete trust and devotion. Your heart can recover faster if the blame is not in you.  Emotional pain is static and intense but physical pain is a faith fierce adversity. The heart suffers more if pain is unattended.

How to ease the pain in your heart?  UNLOAD and empty your heart from all the bitterness, hatred, self pity and fear. All these will keep on haunting you and intensify the pain if all continue to stay in the heart.  Give a moment for yourself to release your feelings even when alone. Get rid the pain by expressing it out without hurting yourself and others.  Embrace and face the pain and it will flee from you. Cry out to the Lord for your heart to be strong.


RE FOCUS your life and find a new perspectives. You’re not living for just a particular person and for that sickness forever. There is more He can offer you, pain is just an initial test in a soldier’s journey. A wounded soldier never gives up, but strives to win the battle.  RE FUEL  your strength from your family and friends. Surround yourself with positivity and brighten  your day with gospel songs or heart warming music. Let the Lord refuel your heart, for you to help uplift others. You cannot love once more unless you’re filled with His love. You can’t be whole again from the battle of sickness unless you are cleansed and healed. The One who once suffered from great pain, He is capable of restoring anyone who came for help.

IMG_3006 2

RESTART  a new life. Forgive for you to keep moving. No one can truly leave someone behind unless you can turn back and smile for the mess.  Accept the sickness and live victoriously within for the physical is just perishable. This is not your work alone, but by His grace all things is possible. Once you settled your heart do the turning point, live above the pain with Him. Pain is always there conquer it with His love.


You can never overcome pain unless someone will take it instead. His waiting with open arms to anyone.  Submit and allow Him to clean  all the impurities that inflict your  heart and body.  Psalms 34:18  ” The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  He could not bear seeing anyone suffers. He had conquered all the afflictions, there is no greater problem, deeper pain and hurtful sickness that He didn’t felt and seen. You have a choice, own your misery or give Him the full control of your life. He is the answer to your pain. Jesus wants you to be happy.                      MRCE


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Why Hide Your Light?

Who among you is afraid of darkness? Most of us really don’t like to be in a dark. The connotation that many bad things happen when in dark. With a single glimpse of light will drive one crazy away from darkness. Light is very important, but sometimes everyone neglects letting the light shines.  What causes someone to hide it? Why others choose to just keep it? How should one keep the light shining?

Light is a medium that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Life is chaotic and no direction when it misses the light. You don’t need to struggle finding and keeping the light. When Jesus died He had already made it available to all. Once He had the control of your heart light was brought into your life.  Darkness has no power over you anymore. Yet when put in a situation were your job, status, reputation and anything you value will be at stake you easily hide it. Why compromise the light within you?

Fear is the number one that’s hard to deny. When you love your family, you want the best for them and fear of the future controls that you compromise everything. When you entertain fear, you also welcome compromises. Don’t bargain your being a christian to the world.  It would be easy to justify what is wrong when you already trade in the light. Choosing to give up the light can twist the truth and brings division. The consequences will be real, you already hurt someone. Fear and compromises threatened the light within you. It’s not an excuse to trade in the light you received for the people you loved. It’s more fearful and hurting to be in darkness than having hardship and pain in your heart.


Faith should not be compromised as well. When your faith is not enough on what you’re holding you can’t keep it for long. You can’t hold on something if you don’t believe it can keep you from darkness. A light should leads you the way, lightens the minds and keep you from dangers. Like a candle, don’t let it consume itself and brings darkness to everyone in your life. Stay near the Light bearer for Him to keep you lighted. Your faith will keep the light sparkles and to stand still when the rushing wind strikes.

Why is the light essential? If you acknowledge the Light giver you then desire to please Him.  When you are in total darkness and light came what would you Feel? Would you be happy to see the way and have hope? In Matthew 5:16 …If the light is important to you, you will be proud to show it. To let it glow in the dark. If the light brings good things, you will be excited to let people know. Let your heart speak if there are so much good things He has done in there for them to see the light. You are leading others the right way to the Savior if you keep it shining. Don’t be afraid if you will be judged, actually you are not the one shining it’s the Lord. 


You can’t hide the light when in darkness, only if you turn it off.  It shines brightly and brings hope.  Jesus came to bring the Light to the darkened heart. Sin cause impurities to doomed your heart. Once He cleansed it, brightness and hope abound. When fear and unbelief threaten you, do not compromise the light within you. He has always prepares answers for your troubled heart. Hiding the light is turning your back from Him. Let your light gleam in darkness. Keep it lighted!                     MRcE


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What More Could Jesus Do?

It’s so easy to identify a needy person with an affluent; to compare a sluggish with a brilliant; a sick with a healthy, but hard to examine the demands they’re trying to expose. There is something in one’s mind that wishes for his life must be and must not be. Everyone wishes and demands for his good. The demands that could even reach the heart of the Saviour. Would you wish Jesus could have done more for you? Would you demand a lot from Him being your Saviour? How far would Jesus go for you? What more could He do? We can dig deeper to this by dissecting two things: your demands and  Jesus’ demands.


Your demands. Success and failures apparently happen by chances or by ones own actions. If it’s by luck it would not last, if it’s by action of faith it would be enduring and unfaltering. You only demand something when your life is at fault. You wish for a good job to sustain your family. A lasting relationship is everyone’s aim. Un defective health for you to go on living. You might even ask: What if Jesus just stayed cause we need a real hero? Could He just answer prayers without hardships in man’s part? Most of the unnecessary things you only got to see when you are at the end of your rope. The reality you enjoyed the good side of life first before turning to Him when it’s already ruined.  The tendency is you only remember the Saviour when He’s needed. Man demands a lot from Him whenever his expectations fail. A hundred times you turn  your back to Him when you’re in comfort but a thousand times  He gets near and catches you. Ephesians 1:7 “In Him we have redemption through  His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.” With the abundance of His  love and grace  your demands are fulfilled.


Jesus’ demands. Haven’t you wondered if Jesus having a hard times too?  Did He ever complained and disobeyed because of suffering? Luke 22:24 ” Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me;  yet not my will, but yours be done.” He wished to let it not happened. His love is so great  for you that He could not demand to be spared with the agony. His thoughts and heart were centered on you even if He had greatly suffered.  He could have escaped the tremendous persecution, He could have called His angels to bear the cross and fight for Him. There are more He can do to escaped the hardships and sufferings but He chose not to.  He left temporarily the splendor of the kingdom  just to undergo the misery which is intended for you. His only demand is for mankind to love Him with all their hearts. If what His done still not enough, for sure He’ll do it again just to win your heart.


What is man that He cares so much for? Our obscurities could lead Him to abandoned us, but none can stop Him from doing what is best for us. What more could He do?  Yes He can do more to love us. He can bless us more abundantly. This is possible because He feels and understands what we’re going through. He had nailed all our names in His hands, now He demands nothing but to etched His name deeply in our hearts. He has done everything for us because of His love, now let’s do our part. There are more He can do for you and me. Enjoy and be amazed by it.



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How Does Your “Mustard Seed” Faith Works?

Little things exist for a reason. They might be unnoticed and neglected, but gives overwhelming results when maximize. Everyone put their faith to something they believed existed and will happen.  Your belief is characterized either how huge and tiny it would be.  How does your faith works? Does the size of your faith matters? What’s a “mustard seed” faith?



A rescuer is badly needed when one gets to a tough situation in his life. There’s a tendency to cling to anything just to get through of it all. When I was on this dilemma, I only ask for if I could have  just a little faith to Him would do.  I’ve heard all those truths about faith that can move even mountains.  I felt inadequate to such  huge one so just aim for what is enough for me to achieve.  A mustard seed is like a little seed of faith. With fear and anticipation, I ask for  that “mustard seed ” faith.

What is a “mustard seed” faith?  Mark 4:30-32 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants. With such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”  People  might ignore the smallest seed and even stepping on it. It might not be relevant at first, cause you will experience a lot of testing while planting the seed. Once your seed of  faith grows it becomes the largest and the most useful plant.  A humble small beginnings when given fully to the Gardener will bloom tremendously.


How does a “mustard seed” faith works?  Hebrews 11:1 “…Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  You believe in Someone you don’t really see.  You can’t be in great awe of Him  if you don’t have a personal encounter with Him. You can’t be devoted and trust Him if His Words are not planted in your hearts. This tiny seed of faith will have an impact if you allow what a real Gardener does to His plants. In life there will be trimming, cutting, pruning and digging before your relationship with the Lord flourish. . There will always be hardships, and troubles in families. Pains, betrayal, deception, abuse and treachery will strike any relationship. Struggles, poverty and sickness may block your growth. When you’re obedient to His working, slowly the Lord will reveal Himself to you. Without noticing it your love to Him  is growing deeper each day. That tiny seed of faith in your heart grows into a tree because of His love. 

Why a “mustard seed” faith?  When Jesus said to Peter in Matthew 14:31… “you  of little faith” , He then was ready to rescued him from drowning in the troubled sea.  When He also rebuked the disciples in Matthew 17: 20  of having little faith because they can’t cast out demons, He immediately rescued the needy man.  I may be like them, but if Jesus is right away besides me I will ever treasure that size of faith.  I would rather be completely helpless and powerless for Him to rescue me and to keep me beside Him. Yes a “mustard seed” faith is a total surrender of your heart where there are fears , sin, nothingness and incompetent to Him.  Even this size of faith can  accomplish much. The size of a mustard seed faith is better than no faith at all.


The Lord can do much  with your mustard seed faith. He knows your capabilities. He sees directly into your hearts. Your mustard seed faith matters a lot to Him. Big things start from small ones, but don’t be content only for that. A faith without work is dead. Allow  for growth and  cultivate an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Shield  your mustard seed faith with Jesus’ love. Is your little faith working? Will you make your mustard seed faith  grow? Ask  for it and pray for your little faith to be active.        MRcE


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