Bible Quotations

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Sally Escol (MRcEV)… inspirational writer

His Words

Your word is our hope and shield to life’s firing arrows. With it we are able to stand firm. Even with tears, a smile linger upon turning to your promises. MRcEV


The Confidence

As you completely trust Him, believe in yourself. You are wonderfully and beautifully created. You have something and you will excel. Trust Him. MRcEV


Enough Love

Love becomes futile when unvalued. His love overflows in you and make it genuine. In this, He will make everything enough for you. MRcEV


The One not Seen

If you hardly love and trust people you’ve seen, how can you faithfully love and believe Him? treasure even your little seed of faith. Keep it planted. MRcEV


A Must Life

Life goes on in the Lord. He justifies your existence. Live a life worthy of His calling. Start and end with His love. MRcEV


The New Year

Rightly begin the year and the rest will perfectly align. The new year has more in store for you. Give your best not just to those who needs you but the more to those who loves you. MRcEV


A Real Friend

Treasure when you find a real and true friend. A factual and faithful friend is God sent for you. Reciprocate with His love. MRcEV


The Peace

Let His peace rules . within amidst the noise around you. He is still in control. MRcEV



Ask for His discernment for you not be in trouble. Be wise in mingling with people and smart enough to be played. Focus on worthy things and people that bring glory to Him.


Be Still

Amidst the chaos and confusions be calmed. In HIs presence there is complete assurance and joy. Empty yourself within for His working in your life. MRcEV


His Presence

Nothing in this world would stay forever with you. When they’re in distance to you, the more He gets nearer to you. Be fervent with His whispers and existence. MRcEV


The Trust

Defend and trust no one greater than Him for you not to be dismayed. Stop unbelieving. More surprises awaits the diligent and persistent child. MRcEV


The Strength Within

No one can give you the perfect defense and security in this world. Be smart to find refuge. Cling to His words and shield your inner strength. MRcEV


The Unfathomable

He has the full control of everything in us. Death is powerless, pain and sickness are healed. No one can hide from Him. A God like this loves you so much. MRcEV


The Changeless God

Our God is changeless. His words are your firm foundation. His love is timeless. He deserves a faithful and devoted beggars. MRcEV


The Watchman

Shield your home with His Love. Strengthen your family with His promises. The enemy’s double time effort has no match with His power. MRcEV

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Stay Close

Stay attached to Him no matter happens to your life. He is true to all His promises. Good or bad come let not your faith be moved. MRcEV


The Works

Let Him do all the workings in your heart. You are His living testimony. A real faith etch deeply in heart not on words alone. Keep the blessings pouring on you. MRcEV

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Your Weakness

Your feebleness is His chance to excel in your life. You are fragile in order to be humble. He can do more when you acknowledge your lilitations for Him to be known. MRcEV

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Loved to Love

Let the love He planted in you grow. Don’t be enticed by what the world offers you. You are made to bring glory to His name and to be a channel of love. MRcEV

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The Strong Foundation

When no one else to turn to, He’s your strong foundation. Never will ever forsake and neglect you. Cling to His words and you will never be shattered. MRcEV


The Flowers

You are more precious to the Lord of all creation. His Words are enough to hold on to. Worry not for He is true to everything He promise. MRcEV


The Rest

Choose whom to unload your heart’s burden. Be sure He’s the one capable of giving you a good rest not a stress. Empower your strength from the Lord.


The Way, Truth and Life

Unless your whole heart accept Jesus you cannot fully own the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is the Absolute, Ultimate and Eternal Savior. Accept Him now and be saved or else you will be totally doomed. MRcEV


The Vine

Complete attachment to the true foundation produces a fruitful life. A ruined life occurs when you detached. Stay connected to him. MRcEV

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Do not Worry

To worry is a sign of unbelief. Don’t let distrust engulf your love to Him. Rather shield yourself with thanksgiving. Pray with a thankful heart. MRcEV

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God’s Masterpiece

You are God’s masterpiece. You are formed by the Master’s hands. Be a good steward of this gift of life. Strive to be a reliable witness for His greatness to be known. MRcEV

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The Discipline

Corrections are intended for your improvement. Discipline done with love is needed. Prepare your heart for they design for you to succeed in life. MRcEV

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The Protection

Protection is sure when the Lord is secured in your heart. Build your faith to the right foundation. MRcEV

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The True Wisdom

All the answers in this life belongs to Him. It’s not in your own knowledge, not in your strength and not in your wealth. have fear and never break His heart. MRcEV


I Thank You

Once you’ve been dear to my heart, now you’re a memory. You’re always in my heart and prayers. I thank the Lord for every thought of you. MRcEV


A Merry Heart

Rain or shine be joyful always. Inward joys bring healing but the ungrateful attitude destroys your health. MRcEV


Be Still

The best thing to do when facing a tough times is to be still. For one to be still, is to have an able to lean upon. Without the Lord in control everything in your life, would be impossible to relax over problems. Relax in His presence and let Him do the work. MRcEV


The Search

Allow your Creator to examine your heart. The things you treasured in there affect the thoughts and speeches. Search and clean us, for you to take control and lead us to the blessed eternal way. MRcEV


The Clean Heart

King David’s humble heart is a legacy to be followed. A heart that follows hard His Words and longs for His likeness. He can create a new heartier one who desires with sincerity to be restored. MRcEV


God is not a Man

Don’t be saddened if people around you failed to be honest and true to you. There is One up there who remains to be perfect. True to all His promises, never changes whatever He uttered. Believe now and be amazed to what He can do. MRcEV

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The Beauty

A beauty made artificially is not lasting. Let your beauty comes from within. A real relationship with the Creator will make shine His favor in you. Let His heart radiate in you for people to see the real beauty and praise Him. MRcEV


The Way

People easily find a way but hard to know the end of it. You might be blinded by the way you have chosen, but there will always be an option to change direction. Focus to the One leading you for He will never mislead you. MRcEV


Photo credit to Oliver Sjostrom

Being Confident

Whatever may come my way, I am confident that He will bring a great ending. Completion to what He has started in my life. Keep trusting along the way, let His will work smoothly. No one can stop His goodness to be revealed. MRcEV