Love… Needs probing?

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To question the essence of love is to question life. Everyone can’t escape the reality that love is the sole thing that liven and shattered the days. Needs probing ?

What is life if the sun doesn’t show up?

when the dark clouds cover the promise of sunrise.

What is dream if the moonlight is diffident above?

when the darkness conceals the enchanted evening.

You came at night when I am dreaming.

A love so real, is beyond reach when opened.

You came at my lowest when I am relenting.

A love so great, is better keep when accepted.

What is life when you’re gone,

When you already started it.

What is love when you’re silence,

When you already captured it.

You came unexpectedly, leave suddenly!

A love enviable, is a love frangible.

A heart completed to a heart fragmented.

You begin unhurriedly, ended unacceptably

Why hide when your love is real?

Why silence when your words are true?

Why lie when your actions are trustful?

Why doubt when your heart is faithful?

How long will my heart suffer?

better for me to cry than seeing you in tears.

What happen to our dearest vows?

I’ll keep mine than hurting your heart.

the pain stuck in this heart of mine

immovable torturing the deepest part.

the stab is felt by my whole body

intense soreness matted the void part.

The heart beats with no reason; since the dweller abandoned her.

The heart believes without a doubt; never be deceitful again.

How can I face tomorrow, when there’s no promises rendered?

How can I answer my questions, when my thoughts are all on you?

I must own the pain, face it until it hurts no more.

Listen to your heart…

The cries bring not just pain but joy as well,

the morning offers unending hope.

listen to your thoughts…

The words convey assurance of tomorrow,

the days are sign of life fulfilled.



Note: This is an original works subject for copyright. Credits to Adobe Stocks Photos.

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