Love Poetry: Savoring Solitude


There is a place in someone’s heart that is solely be called his very own. A unique space that is undivided, unshared and a reserved core intended for only One. This connect to his longings for a solitude. The more he yearn for it when the heart was beaten. To escape life’s foes he hanker solitudes. Is there good in solitude?

When Solitude is being felt…..

The Sun rays lighten the empty room.

The striking mood of the new day leavened me to modify the room.

Every corner I saw  abiding memories.

Every steps upholding  shared emblem of the past.


Stepping outside, felt a novel thoughts with the scenery.

The terrain seems rough and delayed my footsteps.

Striding the pathway, determined to be unfettered  by the past.

The same acquaintances prompt me to render untouched.

When Savoring Solitude….

For the first time, enjoy the breeze, swaying the leaves.

Hear the noise, listen to cries, laughs, schmooze and colloquy.

Appreciate what’s beyond reach, pamper, spoil, be petted, fondle!

See everything, the good, the bad, accept, assess and learn.


Being keen to your heart, listen, understand, conquer!

Hear your voice, refresh, encourage, live, determine!

Turn to the One Worthy, be wrapped, be Shielded!

Enjoying solitude with Him is relaxing with freedom.

When Solitude is Achieve….

A solitary life is not withdrawn but empowered.

Not isolated and desolate but  sedate and steadfast.

Not emptiness, but fullness of His presence.

Alone is not meant to be lonesome but more of engaging oneself.


Solely enjoy! Singly Savor the moments!

There is life when you left.

There is hope, when you’re gone.

He’s there, when you have nothing.

Alone, yet not truly alone!



Note:  Thank you Spark Post photos application for making my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures. This is an original works and subject for copyright.

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