Heart’s Messages

The following are original works and subject for copyright.

Note: Thank you for the Adobe Spark Post / Canva application. (Photos credit) This help in making my thoughts  amazingly reveal in every pictures.
Sally Escol (MRcEV)…inspirational writer

Sending Love

His words will sustain and give you hope in facing the unknown. Give and share something to others that they too will have hope and genuine love.          MRcEVIMG_5521

The Waves

Life brings troubles, fear and confusions but like the waves it weakens when reaches the shore. There’s an end for everything.                         MRcEVIMG_3747

The Trading

take all the risk in trading your sorrows and pains. Do this in exchange for eternal joy. There is no pretending when giving your all to Him. There is joy in every sunrise.   MRcEVIMG_4281

The Snow

Face all kinds of struggles in order to be tough. The fire ablaze the more to keep you warm when freezing. A mantle of snow whitens the dark side of your life.   MRcEVIMG_4939

Your Heart

There is real joy in your inner core. It’s your connection to the Creator. Be keen to listen and understand the messages. It pours life and happiness.    MRcEVIMG_4286

Your Battles

The battle you face should not defeat your inner strength. Keep the faith, the Lord is in control. Bring to finish line what you have started with Him.             MRcEVIMG_3755

The World

Even if you think the world is so mean to you, there are still lots in store for you. Believe and let Him clear the dark way. Hope abounds when He leads.             MRcEVIMG_3740 2

Life’s Mystery

You can’t fathom the good and bad events in your life. Shield yourself, don’t expose to the world. Seek discernment from Him, the days are becoming evil.          MRcEVIMG_3718

Nothing is too Hard

You don’t need to know everything in your life. Digging farther leads you stray. Huge things revealed when you show even a little faith. Stand firm together for nothing is impossible.   MRcEVIMG_3328

The Love

Give value to love as you care for yourself. Your happiness defends on how you share it. Pattern it to the giver of true and perfect love.         MRcEVIMG_3780

The Bridge

When you reach the end and still unresolved then it’s not meant for you to solve the problem. Just simply pray and believe patiently.           MRcEVIMG_3684

The Tomorrow

Keep your excitement for the future but not digging what it is. Make sure you’ve given Him the full control. He knows what’s best for you.         MRcEVIMG_3704 2

The Million Little faith

Hold on to your faith, this will lead you home. A million of small miracles bring you closer to the Master. Big things come from small ones.        MRcEV

Conquer Your Fears

You are more than conqueror if you have Him in your heart. Keep the faith and dream more. Fill your mind with good things for the future He has promise you.       MRcEVIMG_3662

In the Middle of Nowhere

If you love fear is normal, but don’t let it destroy you. There will always be an answer in every confusion and uncertainty. Get loose the others but not your faith. It’s your only access to the Savior.           MRcEVIMG_3659

The Unreachable

Nothing is impossible for Him. He orchestrated everything in your life. Far or near, full or empty, happy or sad, in health or sickness, alone or not always praise Him.     MRcEVIMG_3467

The Sluggard

Take your faith seriously, it’s nearly end of times. Don’t waste what you have started. The real victory is not here. Bring your faith to finish line.              MRcEV78927900-1168-4277-BF8F-308EAB87FDD7

The LiliPad

You might be exhausted and hopeless but you are in the right track. Get rid of thoughts that shatters and confuses your faith. Learn to stand  up with the turbulence in life.    MRcEVIMG_3779

The Pineapple

If life is hard be tough. Maintain your soft glow and subtle inside though hardy and sturdy outside.           MaREVIMG_3777

The Blind

There are things not worth contemplating. Be true to yourself even if you’re not valued. True love is actually stubborn and sightless. His goodness still visible around you.    MaREVIMG_3380

The Actions and Words

don’t be hopeless by letting weakness engulf you. Instead reveal His goodness in you. Let the beauty of His heart conquer the anguish inside.           MaREVIMG_3787


Never Be Alone

Nothing is hidden in every event of your life. Let Him not be just in the background instead He should be at the center. He never leaves someone who belongs to Him.     MaREVIMG_3461

My Footsteps

The faith I shared to you is the only investment I have. Treasure, hold it as you follow the right path. He too will be faithful to you.              MRcEIMG_3303

The Wait

Be true to every promises you’ve given. It help build life. Let His promises radiate in order for you to fulfill. His words are trustworthy be influenced by Him.       MRcEIMG_3786.jpg

The Beaten Heart

You are not the only one in struggles. He fight for all to be happy. A wounded soldier become more tougher when in pain. Real victory is not here, be brave till life ends.    MRcEIMG_3330

The Real Beauty

Let others recognize His love in you not your own charm. What will last are inward essence not the outward attraction. When got His Presence, stay ablaze and radiate.  MRCEIMG_3783

The Swimmer

You can never reach the shore unless you go through the challenges of life. You maybe hurt and exhausted but it makes a swimmer tough.  The waves has only one direction going near the shore.   MRCEIMG_3304

The Hurt

Face all that afflict your heart while on earth. You can endure the fleeting forces but not the infinite power. This temporal adversity has an end.       MRCEIMG_3301

The Revenge

Don’t pay back when someone hurt you. Give love in return instead of inflicting harm. He’s the right one to do avenge for you. Your pain is not hidden to Him.         MRCEIMG_3300


The Life

You are weak and hopeless apart from Him. Life becomes harder don’t use your strength for nothing. Refuel with His love always for yo to stay in the journey.         MRCEIMG_3260

The Eyes

You can’t hide everything inside you. There’s always a way out for the afflictions. Let Him open your eyes and see clearly while discerning the threats to your heart.  Try to see through His eyes.                       MRcE


They Come and Go

We are not I control  of everything in us. Expect separation and detachment to things and people dear to you. Your value to them is known when they linger.           MRcEIMG_3068

Leaving Me

Cling to the One worthy of your love. Never allow anyone or anything replace Him in your heart. Better to be hurt temporarily than an eternal condemnation.      MRcEIMG_2886

His Will

We cannot fathom His will in our life. Taking easy with your endeavors is giving Him the authority. Miracles happen when less expected.                         MRcEIMG_3305

The Real You

Everyone is stranger to all. Make yourself stronger, still give love and trust to others, they’re the one responsible to Him. Don’t withhold happiness when negative occurs for they are not the reason of your existence.                           MRcEIMG_3320

Walk Together

No one is alone in reality, you just did not acknowledge His presence. Enjoy the walk in the Light with Him. People dear to you stay if they want, but He remains through out your journey.                      MRcEIMG_2901 2

The Second Chances

Pattern your love to Jesus. Give love with out counting returns. You’ve been hurt because you truly gave love.                      MRcEIMG_2899

To Rest

Don’t grasp everything in one day, when your heart is hard to cope. Don’t rush things in your perspectives. The Lord has given the right time for every moments in your life.    MRCEIMG_2950 2

The Good Creation

Enjoy the wonderful  things He has made. Appreciate even the people around you. His creation is made not for only one. Enjoy it with a deserving someone.              MRCEIMG_2900 2

The Good Heart

Don’t stop being good though you will be used. The blessings will be yours when you’re hurt. Your back up is a strong foundation. Stay attach on Him.                    MRcEIMG_3001 2

The Seasons of your life

In hardship and pain you learn. As the leaves changes in every seasons so are you. Allow changes to mold your character. He is still working in you>.               MRCEIMG_2887 2

My Children

Children are a gifts from God. Make the most whenever you are together. Your love will make memories last forever.                       MRcEIMG_3319

Satisfied and Contented

Material things could not satisfy you. Worldly contrivances can’t bring contentment. Happiness comes from peace within. A day of peace in mind is a great day of the heart.   MRCEIMG_2992

Your Praises

Praise Him while you can. Proclaim His goodness in your life. Blessings follow when you truly worship Him.                 MRCEIMG_2990

In Church

Make your worship more worthwhile leave the church each Sunday with a happy heart. Grow in your love to Him in every date with the Savior.            MRCEIMG_2986

A Prayer

The answers on your prayers are always available. The progress defends on your response to it. Shield it with patience, reinforce and intensify with faith.     MRCEIMG_2894

A Problem

Disappearance would not help when in tough situations. Problems stay and even get more demanding. Face it together with the toughest Saviour.            MRCEIMG_2797

When You Turn Your Back

For so much  love, He doesn’t  mind being stubborn just to keep on accepting us. Make a turning point now in your life. Don’t take Him for granted.                MRCEIMG_2889

When You Believe

Faith makes all things possible. Believe on Him either rainy or sunny in your life. Miracles come unexpectedly.                  MRCEIMG_2885

The Disappointing Events

Patience is tested when unmet expectations occur. Let the wind blows and drives away the decayed people and things in your life. Have faith while He keeps on panting you.     MRCEIMG_2850 2

The Dirt

IMG_2897Leave the past behind and face the future with new heart. The potter perfectly designs your life embrace it. All things work together for your good.                      MRCE

The Garden

Don’t worry when nobody can offer you a true love. God’s love is enough to keep you happy. He alone can fully adorn and enhance your life.            MRcEfullsizeoutput_506

Jesus’ Love

Jesus loves you from the start to the end. Only your love could not stand the test of  times. Renew your vows to Him everyday.          MRCEfullsizeoutput_4f0

The Healing

“Have mercy on me, Lord; heal me, for I have sinned against you.” Healing comes after forgiveness. He can restore every broken pieces of bones in us.  Keep on believing.  MRCEfullsizeoutput_4f6

Your Own Cheer Leader

Encourage and build yourself up in the Lord. BE your first cheer leader, stand strong. In this life what will last is your relationship with Jesus. Motivate yourself with His love.  MRCEIMG_2916

Your Worth

IMG_2912You maybe neglected and unworthy in the eyes of many and even to people dear to you., but your value is worth His life. The cross is a proof of Jesus’ love.             MRCE

When Pushing Jesus away

IMG_2913Jesus is the answer of everything in your life. His provision will even extend around you lavishly. Be blessed  and be a blessing.                   MRCE

The Sacrificial Love

IMG_2569Not all tears are sign of defeat. Conquer your battles with love. You won when you render your sacrificial love. After all, your stubborn love is worth the tears.      MRCE

The Worth Fighting For

Stand for the ones  dear to your heart. Your children are your joy and you are their strength. Let your love to the Lord binds you strongly together.               MRCE


The Darkness

IMG_2915Jesus won the battle for you. Shine while in darkness. Nightmares are there to test you not to bury you down. Arise ! The sunshine awaits to a clever servant.           MRCE


Start Your Day

IMG_2917Meet the sunrise with Jesus and you will be content until sunset. A blissful life is a whole day communing to the Master. This is your shield to world’s fiery.                MRCE

I Love You

IMG_2919       “I love you” is very significant if you truly feel it. It’s not just a words to utter but it should last for a life time., do not compromise it. Treasure when you hear one. Let your heart speak for one to accept sincerely your heart.                     MRCE

The Greatest Love

IMG_2909Out of His great love He sacrifice the grandest life to be one with us. He can fathom even the hardest problems and feels the deepest sorrows. Give your heart to Him in return.     MRCE

Falling In Love

IMG_2908Return to your first love. He is  a jealous God.  Love Him with all your heart and He will reveal Himself to you.                         MRCE


Meeting Someone

Meeting someone is the most treasured memories but breaking ones heart is the worst thing one can do. Return to where you best belong to and He will make you whole again…….MRCE

In a Relationship

Getting into a relationship is more than a responsibility. Enjoy both the ups and downs of it while staying together.The relationship will be tested while on the boat. After all the turbulence, the Master will help you get to the shore………MRcEIMG_2592


A step you take is a step higher or lower to your  life’s direction. Every move you take is a choice, be wise in  using this gift for in every freedom we have there is a great responsibility…………..MRcE

The Mindful Lord

If He is the Lord of our life, He has the full control of everything in us. He is not silent with our sufferings. His heart melts whenever everything in us are  falling. He catches, those that falls and replaces it to make us whole again……MRcEIMG_2921


The Brave

Be brave when it’s for good and to edify someone you love. Do it with  honesty and love. No one can build up when at back, for bad things are usually done in secret. Weaknesses are present to be known and  improved……….MRcEIMG_2593



In Life there are things and places that we find comfort and satisfaction. Yet we are blinded or just ignoring the dangers they bring to us. We succumb still to them, though we know we’ll get hurt. When all these happened always remember His hands is ready to reach out and bring us to the shore once again…………MRCEIMG_2672



Friends are everywhere, they come and go.The pretentious, fake, selfish, and untrue are easy to find. Seek not after them, instead find a genuine friend. Though you both struggle at first but it’s a must to be real when you find each other. Life is short live harmoniously and enjoy each moments that you are together. Friendship is a gift , treasure it and be a genuine friend………….MRCEIMG_2674


Saying Goodbye

Goodbye are meant to be spoken with confidence. It’s meant to happen for a new and brighter tomorrow to come. Fear not to say it with love…………..MRCE


Your Shadow

When it seems dishonesty is  so evident around you, still be transparent. The  truth is within you. Believe in yourself but still trust people dear to you. Turn to yourself for strength the Lord has fill it in you…………….MRCEIMG_2628


A Beautiful Life

Nothing can stop God’s goodness in you. Feel His love and let it inspire you. There is more to enjoy than to be locked up inside you. The beauty of life doesn’t defend on few bad circumstances. A beautiful life is God center life…………….MRCEIMG_2942


The Courage

No one can show much courage than yourself. When no one else back you up, stand still. Someone mightier stands with you. He will fill you with strength to endure standing alone………………MRCEIMG_2673


The Unresponsive

One that is unresponsive is considered to be fake and can be likened to a mannequin. Be wise enough to know the right one for you. It’s not just a mere feeling but both should feel the love in life together…………..MRCEIMG_2627


The Light

We are not meant to live in darkness and in pain; there’s always a way out. His hands is always ready to grasp and fix the lights in our hearts………………..MRCE


After The Rain

Tears are blessings too, like rain just let it pour. Everyone needs rain, your tears has reasons. With it there’s colors in your life, the Master let the rainbow appears after the rain…………………..MRCEIMG_2476


The Child

A child will grow and stays with you, when you stays with him when he’s a child. No one forgets memories of love. Invest in your child emotions. Let him grow strong in faith and tomorrow he will be your strength…………………..MRCEIMG_2617


The Story

We are just writers of our stories but we are not the editors and authors of life. Everyday is something to cherish and to learn. Stories maybe happy or sad, the good things is, we are His masterpiece and so it’s worth reading for…………….MRCEIMG_2698


Our Children

Be mindful of our speech, actions and feelings for these will break and make our future. Our children will be our eyes, our voices and our feelings someday when we can’t see, hear and express our feelings anymore. Be mindful today and be happy tomorrow………MRCEfullsizeoutput_555

The Friendship

Friendship is made up of respect to ones individuality. Accept the bright and dark side of each one while living in reality. But only a real love to the Master can make a relationship undivided………………MRCEIMG_2619


The Temptation

Temptation  comes  through the eyes, welcomed by the mind, entertain by the ears at the end the heart suffered. With the Master’s help resist and it will flee from you…..MRCEIMG_2596


Grandma and Mom

Your loved ones are there to color and brighten your life. Cherish every time spent with them,  for  when they’re gone their memories will fill your empty heart…….MRCE


The Perfect Creation

When our life is in His hands given fully it will be used greatly.  No matter how ordinary, ruin and damaged you are He can make a perfect creation in you. Believe the Great Creator is still at work in you……………….MRCEIMG_2589 2


The Busy

Be happy when you are busy, for God has been blessing you so much. Use this as an advantage for those you loved. But remember family first, work for them not for yourself alone………………MRCEIMG_2581 2


The Hands

people automatically judge someone by what they see especially when it”s about being dirty. Learn to determine what makes a dirty hands and a dirty heart. Be  happy even if you make your hands dirty because you worked so hard at least you’re heart is blameless…………     MRCE


A Mother’s Love

Sometimes a mother’s love is misunderstood. It’s just a way to show that you are everything in her world. A genuine love of a mother is one that never fades even if yours is fading…………… MRCEIMG_2574


The open minded and selfish heart

It is more meaningful to converse with one that has an open heart and mind. Living with a self centered is like spending your whole life without a sun. Choose to be productive by choosing who to be with everyday…………….MRCEIMG_2570


The Footprints

People tend to be concern more on what is visible physically rather than noticing great quality results. Continue doing what is right and awesome. You are judge by the footprints you made, not by what you have.  Try to be a blessing everyday………MRCEIMG_2923


The Wind and The Trees

Nothing in this world is permanent even the bad circumstances they too will pass away. Whatever is driven away from you, will be given back at the right time. It’s your attitude and behavior that matters. When your life is shaking face it with a steady heart until you flourish to a new you.                      MRCEIMG_2749


When in Darkness

When in hardship real attitudes and behaviors come out. Don’t let this knock you down. It was happened to let you know the reality. Sometimes adversities are real to awaken us. The good thing is, you can see the light more clearly when in darkness…………. MRCE


The Apple of His Eyes

I may not be important to you but I’ve got the Master’s attention. I am so precious that He died for me. Even the shadow of His wings protects me. there’s no one can compete with His love………….MRCE



The Physical and Mental Presence

IMG_2597Keep your joy when you’re alone. Better to be with someone mentally than pretending together physically. Still be productive when alone. Actually, the Lord is the more being with you……….          MRCE


The Goodness of God

IMG_2710 2Don’t be silent instead declare His goodness in your life. If you don’t other creations will do. Let Him open the eyes of your heart for His goodness to keep flowing.         MRCE


The Place

IMG_2724Memories made someone and somewhere are important. A place will be remembered by the good things shared together. When it’s not, better forget you’ve been there.     MRCE

The Hands and Heart

IMG_2578Far or near hold my hands. Don’t ever allow other take grasp of it and even you grab others. By holding my hand you’re holding my heart..               MRCE


Exploring Alone

IMG_2586Take courage face the uncertainties of life. Stay with the Captain’s side and He will bring your heart to where it truly belongs.                      MRCE


The Gift of Love

IMG_2609Love is a gift. Give value to it in a right way. Treasure if you receive love for not all got the unselfish love.                                  MRCE


The Judgement

IMG_2906Wisdom is essential in finding sensible conclusions. Be guided by His word for discernment, because life is crucial.Your decision today will determine your future.           MRCE


The  Love

Perfect love is one that embodies the unconditional love of the Giver. A very selfless and sacrificial love that is after the happiness of the other. This is a true love worth dying for.   MRCE


The Single

It’s not a disgrace to be single but it’s a dilemma to be hooked to unworthy one. Delight yourself to the Lord the giver of joy and you will be forever grateful.       MRCE


The Pain in Your Eyes

IMG_2637 2The eyes is the mirror of your heart. It reflects the condition of it. Let it be transparent for the heart to see clearly the one who owns it. The tears work in so many ways to establish the heart’s happiness.              MRCE


The Rain

IMG_2731There can be no rainbows when there’s no rain. Be always ready for rain to come. After all the struggles hope prevails. Let God’s faithfulness covers you and enjoy while in the rain.                 MRCE


The Good and Defiled

IMG_2735The good things given to others even in secret will be known, Whatever selfishly done will always be revealed. Good things build up and decayed actions destroy someone.    MRCE


The Fall

IMG_2713Aim only for enough in this life. Anyone on top will learn to be humble until they fall. Allow God to lift you up, not by your own effort. He knows what status you deserve.    MRCE

What to Listen

IMG_2929Be mindful around  you. See and listen to all sides, open your eyes and ears. With prayer, see, listen and decide that which pleases Him.                      MRCE


The Leader

IMG_2725A leader who fears the Lord brings blessings to his people. He’s one who motivates you to stay closer to the Master. Follow and support him.                  MRCE


To Appreciate

IMG_2736Once your heart is full of spirit of bitterness, ungratefulness and hatred it can never see the good things around you. Appreciate first the good things God has done in your life. He died to love you.


The LightHouse

IMG_2712To stay safe and see clearly the light house is urgent for one to navigate from helpless situation. Accept and be content on what is at your hands. For you to see the light and follow the direction of the route that He leads you.          MRCE


What You Have

IMG_2740You can’t change what already in your hands. Even what is coming to be yours. Most especially what is not really for you. Stay closer to the Lord, He alone knows what is best for you.                          MRCE


The Rainbows

There will always hope for every tears that fall from you. For no one can stop the rainbows for showing up after the rain. He created to brighten your days.         MRCE



Saying Goodbye and Hello

Prove to yourself that you are ready to bid goodbye before you can  happily say hello. The Lord gives you hope for the future while restoring your past.    MRCE



He will never let you

IMG_2624The Lord always thinks and prepares what’s best for you. He promised you a future while calming and comforting your past.                   MRCE


To Give and Receive Love

Love is genuine when it is refined like gold. It’s fake when it can’t survive the process. Be true to your  heart to prove your love.                   MRCE


The Memories

IMG_2772Memories are good to remember either good or bad. Cherish and give chance for you to grow with those happy and sad experiences.                       MRCE


Opening your Hands

IMG_2778 2Let your hands be open always to receive God’s blessings. Not all good things come from grabbing, great things come from letting go. Hold less to somethings but release to give more.                           MRCE


Treasure Love

IMG_2911Love truly by giving fully. Give love at all costs. You are not loving if you”re not hurt. Vulnerability is what makes it real.                     MRCE


God’s Grace

IMG_2790 2Everyday is a blessing. He is so faithful to provide us all. He is a waterfalls in our lives. He’s love and care overflows. Always draw near to Him.                MRCE



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