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Do not be deceived: Strengthen your defenses (Beginning of the end)) part 1

One thing I could remember as a child raised in a Christian family, is the joy seeing people and be with them worshipping together in the church. In those times, life is uncomplicated with simple things easily made you laughed. The church’s idea of Christianity was a result of the unselfish ministry of the foreign

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Advise on: understanding love. Moving on in a failed relationship. (Video)

When it comes to love, it’s hard to comprehend it’s essence. There are different outcomes it brings to a heart who loves. This is the unfold mystery of love. No one can tell how it works amazingly and desperately to anyone. There are those who grave for what it brings, others tremendously glad for it.

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“How to keep your heart steady and be still after it shattered. (My Special day article/video )

Embracing others heart could never be as rewarding if done truthfully and expecting nothing in return. This time I made myself known to be more in touch with you. Being stranger has no room in this platform of letting your heart speaks. This time it’s my turn, to letting you know the deeper thoughts inside

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