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Deception scheme of the beast: Freemasonry, Kaballah/illuminate. (part2)

Seeing everyone fighting to live everyday is hard not to mind their struggles. From the innocents to the responsible adults, there’s an emptiness inside. Some know they’re betrayed and deceived by the evil system that keeps on enslaving the world. Others are unmindful or just pretending not to see all the changes made by this

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The deception scheme of the beast: Baal / Zionism! (Occultism/religion part 1)

From the very beginning, in search of world dominance, there are groups of people inclined themselves to the dark side of life. There’s no contentment, they aimed more of control and so these people traded their souls to the devil in exchange for world power. The world is run by Lucifer/Satan who works great evil

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The impeding work of the Holy Spirit in the coming out of the antichrist. (end times series)

Life is so complex that it has a lot of mysteries on it. Looking to any ordinary things reachable by your eyes to unimaginable intangible concepts would challenge any finite minds to find the truth. It’s beyond reach but untouched by those who rather choose fear than faith. Nearing to any closure, fear triggers everything

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