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Note: Thank you for the Adobe Spark Post / Canva application (Photos credit) This help in making my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures.
Sally Escol (MRcEV)…inspirational writer

Beaten Heart

Why hide when your love is real?

Why silence when your words are true?

Why lie when your actions are trustful?

Why doubt when your heart is faithful?

How long will my heart suffer?

better for me to cry than seeing you in tears.

what happen to our dearest vows?

I’ll keep mine than hurting your heart.

the pain stuck in this heart of mine

immovable torturing the deepest part.

the stab is felt by my whole body

intense soreness matted the void part.

the heart beats with no reason; since the dweller abandoned her.

the heart believes without a doubt; never be deceitful again.

How can I face tomorrow, when there’s no promises rendered?

How can I answer my questions, when my thoughts are all on you?

I must own the pain, face it until it hurts no more.

Listen to your heart…

The cries bring not just pain but joy as well,

the morning offers unending hope.

listen to your thoughts…

The words convey assurance of tomorrow,

the days are sign of life fulfilled



Meeting You…

In my deepest longings; searching for my heart’s rescuer,

can’t help but utter “I will give up soon”.

In my hopeless wanderings; coming now my soul’s lover,

can’t help but declare “I will live for you”.

Knowing You…

To grant smile in my face, You accepted the mocks of the people.

To put answers in my mind, You wore the crown of thorns.

To give strength in my body, You bore the weight of the cross.

To heal the scars in my heart, You endured the nails in your hands/ feet.

Loving You…

Men played and hurt this feeling that You’ve cared for.

Then your tears of blood overflows; Your arms of love covers me,

enough to hear your voice: “I’m here my child”.

Men crushed and torment this soul that You’ve paid for.

Then the thunder roars; the wind blows as You come to rescue me,

enough to remind me of your voice: “I will never leave you”.



Captured Heart

At first, she cared for her heart as if guarded with fence.

An able keeper embracing her heart with intense.

At first, she dared for others as if strong within.

An idea made confusing her thoughts to dispense.

She felt secured, when still not exposed to the world’s perils.

Never thought, someone would challenge her heart’s charm.

She halted for a while, when saw a sign of the one in fantasist.

Never thought, someone caught her heart to damned.

She succumbed to the dangerous fascination.

Failed to protect her heart, she yielded to fantasy.

She surrendered to the entrapment of attraction.

Failed to shield her heart, she opened to intimacy.



When my heart speaks…no one listens.

When my heart cries…no one understand.

When my heart was hurt…no one shares the pain.

When my heart was happy… all laugh with me.

When my heart is alive… they all celebrate with me.

When my heart is in agony… Someone is in great sorrow.

When my heart gives up… Someone gave His life for me.

When my heart rests… Jesus resides in there……………..(MRcEV)


SHINE.. is the word of hope for me.

SHINE…is what I dreamt of.

SHINE…like a star at night time.

SHINE…like a sun at day time.


to the lost world.

to the hopeless souls.

because Someone love’s me.

because Christ must be seen in me…………..(MRcEV)



There is Someone, who shares my life, witnessed my ups and down.

Someone Who understand what makes me happy and sad.

He observes me when I’m doing and rely on my own strength.

He allows problems and pains, but provide ways for me to escape.

Someone Who knew me better and believed me more than I do.

I could open my heart to Him and He listens to my plea.

I could not imagine myself without Him by my side.

I’m glad I know this SOMEONE………………… (MRcEV)


Note: The Image of Jesus was from the book “Heaven is Real”

Everyday with Jesus

As I wake up in the morning to have a glimpse of the morning sun,

Though my body cradles my bed, my heart and mind urge me to arise.

As I’m on my way to work thoughts were hard to understand,

Though determine to face the new day, physically whispering to rest.

As I look for someone to care, no one is ready and willing to inspire.

Though friends surround me, I could not find inspiration.

As I look to heaven for help He is there smiling at me.

Though I could not understand, He gave his life for me.

As I call His name everyday, He is right there willing to listen. Though I’m weak and weary, I am calm because I know He’s there for me everyday…….MRcEV

IMG_2572 2


Are you in my life to cause trouble and confusions?

Are you in my heart just to break it?

How could I understand you when I was hurt and broken?

How could I know you if there”s no reason to keep you?

Love can wait and keeps on hoping and believing.

Love is not an emotion because it’s the cause of emotion.

Love is not just in the heart but it gives life.

Love is not just in mind but it has all the reasons to live.

Love is not just a mere feeling but it gives feeling.

Love is in my life because Someone loved me first.

Understanding Love……..

Is to listen more and to speak less.

Is to be hurt and not to hurt.

Is to accept pain but gives more joy.

Is to give more but never to get back.

Is willing to be broken but never to break.

Is more on accepting faults but never on blaming others.

Is more of saying yes but less of saying no.

It seeks no negatives but covers all with positives.

To know JESUS’ heart is to understand LOVE.

To understand love is to give love.



Giving Birth

Is a time to thank, People who love, care and remember you.

Is a time to cherish, Laughter, fellowship and memories.

Is a time to prepare, things, oneself and the future.

Is the time to hope, For a wonderful things to happen.

Is a time to trust, her life to God.

Is a time tone happy, Free from worries and anxieties.

Is a time to evaluate, Her heart, thoughts and deeds.

Is a time to relax , Allow God to work.

Is a time to pray, for that day of giving birth………….. MRcEV

Faith in Prayer

I am praying for something I’m not sure will happen.

Praying for God to reveal the real answer to my heart.

I am praying for something that excites me yet frightens me.

Praying for the thing we like most to happen but afraid for its results.

I am praying for something that I may be ready to accept.

Praying for the life ahead but this present life will really regret.

I am praying for something that will change my entire life.

Praying for a brave heart but vulnerable for any changes.

I am praying for faith to hold me on when answers come.

Praying for peace, strength to go on with this answered prayer

that I wish was never answered……………….MRcEV

Living Alone

Is the time to commune with God, and pay back the days you owe Him.

Is the time to be strong, and renew ones commitment to Him.

Is the time to reflect, with your past, present and future in His hands.

Is the time to be true, that pain, sorrows and hardships are real.

Is the time to hold on to God’s Word, enjoy His promises and presence.

Living alone is so lonely, fearful and weary …

But living alone with God makes it all meaningful………..MRcEV


When I Have Nothing

I Learn to talk to God…. every moment of the day; crying and longing for mercy.

I Learn to see my iniquities…and draw near to Him for forgiveness and cleansing.

I Learn to trust in God… that He’s so rich and pour out more blessings to me.

I Learn to be content…with what is enough for the day.

I Learn to relax…and enjoy the pain in the presence of God.

I Learn to be thankful…with the little things enough for the day.

When I have nothing….God has more to do. (MRcEV)


The Psalmist


Inspired by the book of Psalms

YOU lift me up when my spirit’s down.

YOU wipe my eyes when it’s full of tears.

YOU whisper on my ears when all are noisy.

YOU inspire my heart when it seems to give up.

YOU breathe my nose when I’m grasping for an air.

YOU repair my bones when all are breaking.

YOU wash my hands when I made it dirty.

YOU focus my mind when it’s wandering.

YOU put a smile when it’s hard to laugh.

YOU hold my feet when I can’t stand.

YOU refresh my thoughts when It’s hard to be still.

YOU start my day right when I am confuse.

YOU show the moon when It’s all dark.

YOU sing for me when music is hard to utter.

YOU make bed when I can’t sleep.

YOU give my comfort food when I have no appetite.

YOU comb my hair when I don’t want to fix.

YOU lead the way when I don’t know where to go.

YOU give answers when I have many questions.

YOU fulfill something when promises were broken.

YOU give a drink when I’m always thirsty.

YOU teach me when it’s hard to learn.

YOU accompany me when I’m all alone.

YOU decide for me when I don’t know what to do.

YOU heal me when I’m weary and sick.

YOU’RE my friend when they can’t be there for me.

YOU’RE my brother and father when I have no family.

YOU’RE my Saviour when I needed a Hero.

YOU’RE my King when I’m always a servant.

YOU’RE my everything when I have nothing.



To get something you don’t have , is to do something new to you.

To get a real happiness is to give up someone and something you treasure.

To choose to be with the joy of your life is to sacrifice your own.

To dream of a better life is to experience pain and sorrows.

When God get something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you,

but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

When God let you say goodbye, He’s not rejecting you,

but preparing you for a stronger life ahead.

He will never let you utter the word goodbye with tears in your eyes.

He will never let you say hello when you cannot say goodbye.

He will never let you think the future if you cannot leave the past.

He will never let you face new people if you cannot forget people in the past.




One day you revealed everything to me….

a letter showing your love for others.

a message reflecting intimate relationship with others.

a pictures documenting moments spent with others.

a words and actions that ended everything for us.

Every night you let me experienced all these….

roaming around looking for answers to my questions.

sleepless nights because of tears and disturbed mind.

putting me in a grave that I cannot escaped.

blaming people and myself for all the pains I’ve had.



My Destiny….

Are you out there for me to find?

Are you near just only in my dream?

My heart beats faster when I feel you at night.

My femininity gets wild wen I let my thoughts flow.

Searching you in a lined up puzzled faces.

Crossing oceans; unlocking mysteries in life.

Struggles are real, yet weak to pursue the search.

Wait patiently, he’s already in your heart.

He is destined to be yours….?


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