The loser who won!

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You came…

In the midst of uncertainties you baffled.

A strange yet splendid, alleviate the fear.

A spell one dare not to wake.

A madness thought to be an answer.


…You played

In the unknown circumstances you ventured.

A risky “yes” controlling within.

A doubtful “No” wavering judgement.

A game without escape perceived to be stable.


Who are you to deceived me?


You open, yielded to the enchantment.

Saw a clue of entrapment, blinded by deceitful words.

You submit, caved in to the demands.

Saw a hope of release, ruled by pitiful measures.



Who are you to punished me?

Once a giggling vivacious soul, turn dud knacker

Hot spices, sour juices sprinkle your wounds

A honed pointed thing slowly lacerates the lesion

Once an innocent devoted lover, swivel wretched loser


Who are you to defeat me?

In the midst of oblivion, grasping to be lashed down

The soul burst! No verbal consumed the feelings

The heart upsurge! No mortal relieved the pain

In the midst of the unknown, stilling is your last hope.


Who am I that you are mindful?

Yielding to your pain is a gain.

Weakening your revenge is a release.

Breaking your pride is absolute peace.

Facing your fears is owning your Savior.

Who am I that you care so much?

No agony remained unknown and unfixed.

A defenseless love melts a stony heart.

No affliction last forever in His presence.

A favored blissful loser is a winner indeed!



Note: All Photos used credit to Spark Post application.