The Ember

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Anyone is into something that could revive, refuel and ignite the heart for love.

Yet when despairing, you hold on to any dying thing. At gloomy night, an ember is life.

What is this thing that lit a bit and soon diminish?

It lightens for a while and burns to residue.

Why you inflamed me and leave?

Oh, my glowing and dying embers…

An Ember

It was all dark, what a wretch unfixable life.

You came in flash, put an end to this pathetic life.

It was the Light, what an ecstatic change.

Your great presence, a dazzling emblem of love.

There was love, felt tremendously!

Though not minding, it was just a small piece of glowing coal.

There was intimacy, given honestly!

Though not guarding, the burns of the fire’s dying embers.

A flame continues to ablaze my life.

The flare lit up the curiosity and engulf to danger.

A blaze cause to scatter my life.

The fire diminished and dwindled to trickle.

A hot ember opens hope, life must go on.

With that residue, your love was strongly felt.

A stable ember made me believe on love.

With that assurance, this life will live on.

An ember can still light my way…
A little ember can still give hope for love.


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