When is Christmas Meaningful?


The notion of “Christmas ” means a lot of different things, to a lot of different people. The world felt the spirit of Christmas of different degree and time, though others do not celebrate it. Every year, memories of it cherished by some but others abhor its existence. Are you one of those who long for its occurrence? What it has to do with you? When did you feel Christmas has brought meaning to your life?

The holiday season is welcome with so much expectations. Many are anticipating for good things to happen: a family reunions, a lavish presents and sumptuous banquets. No one could deny this is the most awaited celebration of the year. It’s obvious as well that every year the festivity was changing to meager due to poverty. This changes were felt tremendously by adults who care so much for the family. Should hardships, separations, scarcity and poverty affect the essence of  Christmas?

I heard someone say, “This is the saddest time for most.” Why? Your scarcity is very evident while others enjoy the abundance in life. The holiday makes material things apparently observe. Your heartaches are greatly undeniable when the cold breeze sway your emotions. Hearing Christmas songs trigger the loneliness. All these connotations might explain why Christmas is a wretched and desolate event for some. What it has to do with you? Would you consider material things and the festivity the sole reasons of your happiness this holiday season? Would broken relationships, part ways and shattered families have no chance for complete real joy? Your insufficiency and sorrows are His chance to shine. Would you allow Him to excel this very season?

When did you feel the real meaning of Christmas? Has the entire year brought you a lessons and memories to cherish? The essence of Christmas is felt by  every pain you have overcome, by every tears fall, by every mistakes corrected, by every hellos and goodbyes, by every scars healed, every uncertainties you’ve endured and every turning point you’ve decided. When it’s good memories keep it but when it’s woeful and tough use it. Find meaning in the facts and truths He had presented on the baby wrapped with swaddling clothes. He had been through all your agony and misery. He had victoriously overcome such struggles. Christmas has always been meaningful regardless of any circumstances and status you’re in. He is the key to your happiness. Enjoy the holiday with Him in your heart.




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