Empty Your Heart for Him to Fill In. Let Your Heart Speak for Him to be Known!


Anyone wants to be heard, to be noticed, to be known to be admired and to be loved. There are many forms and ways one can best reveal himself to others yet one can’t convey the real message if the message itself is not real. A real message must come from within; from the heart. A message given from the heart is accepted with a heart. Empty your heart for Him to fill in.

This Inspirational site is inspired to help uplift and bring Jesus closer to your heart. like how He dealt with me and made me through it, He too has offered the same great works for you. We should not be silent when we have a story to tell. Allow me to visit your heart and bring Jesus closer there. Welcome Him and open your heart for an amazing encounter ! Listen to your heart, join us and subscribe to Inspirational.


Inspirational speaks of an advocacy to uplift, enlighten, inspire and motivate others. Most of all for the CREATOR of your heart to be known. Consider Reaching the heart ministry as our way of lifting anyone and bringing Jesus closer to their hearts. This ministry is of great help to those hearts who are into broken relationship who needed a sanctuary of care. Please feel free to help us in any means of keeping this ministry. Link below through PayPal. Thank you.

Follow your Heart. Subscribe to INSPIRATIONAL now for free! Join! Click and Follow side/below button!

Sally C. Escol (MRCEV)


Note: Thank you for the Adobe Post Applications. It helps me present my thoughts in every pictures amazingly.

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