Stoical: Love Poetry

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Gone are the days of shared laughters.

Real love already emerged and windup soon!


Rubbing the eyes with dried night’s tears.

Forcing the self to rise from deluge of dreams.

Unfixed hair and slacken self.

Are the usual days of a fuddled, muzzy ways.

Same mornings, old beds and boring milieu.

Same feelings and aching never missed upon every wakings.

Is this a senile sign? Or a feeble reaction?

… of a witless, innocent, gullible gal!

A first hurt, is a strain of first love.

When hurt twice, is a silliness

A thrice hurt is a twinge of true love.

When hurt again, again and again made love an stoical.

A stoic one makes a stolid emotions.

Never felt even the sting of bees and a bullet spin.

Dumb is the heart and blurred is the sights.

What a forbearance and foolish love!

You are made to love not to suffer.

Made for affection and not to be impassive.

You are the sunshine but not a sunset

The cause of smile and not a vague expressions.

Be stoical of love never insanity.

Long suffering without craziness.

Enduring beyond any sacrifices.

Forbearing with emptiness and bare heart.

Why invade and seize love?

Why suffer and endure?

This is the essence of love.

Don’t understand but accept!

Be stoic and stay in love!

HE still made you to believe in love.


Note: This is an original work and subject for copyright (Photos credit to adobe stock application.)