Advise on: Why it takes longer for pain to disappear? …First heartbreak. (video)

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In life there are things that stuck up and tightly attached to you. Though you want it out away from you but it could never happen easily. It would be more tragic if that thing affect s your heart. Love is so mysterious that it made you wanting or renouncing it.

One lady here, experienced for the first time the power of love and its misery. There could never be more hurtful than one who gave her all for love. May we feel the real essence of love while watching.If not, just see the truth it brings to any form of relationship.

Reaching the heart ministry is here to listen when your heart speaks. Never keep it silent when it has a message for change. Remember all are given a chance to be loved and be heard. The King of Love still has control of everything. Be inspired, be uplifted and be happy.

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