The Reality of Pain


Dealing with depression series.

Life is complicated. Nobody lives entirely with pleasures in his whole life. The journey takes a smooth and rough roads.This make one incline to pain. Pain is a medium for awareness and changes. What then are the bad and good side effects of pain? Why are you in pain? Do you know the messages it has brought to you?

Pain conveys different meaningful messages. The messages might hurt, torture, afflict you but assure a great changes in your life. Pain ushers good and bad outcomes. Your acceptance and reactions affect the essence of pain in your life. Remember: there’s no real love without hurting,no sicknesswithout abuses, no affliction without sin.


The bad impact of pain isvery visible.The physical could be a bondage to it.It captives a mortal to sickness, grieve and scars.Goes deeper the agony to the emotions and enslaves the feelings and reasons. It goes wilder and deeper if you keep on minding the pain. It brings out an attitudes in you which you don’t like. The sting can even destroy relationships, people and your soul.These defective messages of pain are avoidable when at first you already drew near the Master Healer of your life and continues to be attached to Him. No sizes and quality of pain that He can’t mend.

The good effects of pain are achievable.It reveals real attitude, motives, situations and people in your life.It brought a keen understandingand love of yourself.It made you aware of your faults and weaknesses. It caused you to appreciate the world around you andpursue the great horizon.Enable you to value life and not to hurt others. Most of all it lead you down to your knees and humble before the Great Creator of your life.

Why are you in Pain? When there is pain, there is a failure, error, blunder, mishandled, miss up, cheat, diversion, or any other actions that causes changes in your life. Pain is a result of youractions or other’s actions in you. You are hurt because you are mortal and vulnerable. When it’s heartily accepted and conquered there is a liberation and freedom. Pain is not forever and meant to be conquered. Face it and endure, for the battle is not yours.Defeat pain by His love. Allow His blood to cleanse the scars. Be happy when you’re afflicted, for it made you a witness that His Words are true.


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