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The GOODNESS of GOD: How Can You Not See His Goodness?

In life, people live differently with each other but all been given the same. There are  less fortunate and the well off individuals. Whatever reasons behind their status in life, still all experience the gift of life. The  goodness of the great Creator  never misses anyone.  It’s very clear around us and very obvious to

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The prince of the air: air-sound waves, vibration and frequency control

“NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE SEEN…. But IT CAN BE FELT.” A thing becomes huge when unnoticed and unseen. Many bizarre occurrence which human also permitted to take hold of their life. From the beginning of the Creation all things are into one relationship. All came to exist in collaboration

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A new evil revelation on Covid virus. (snake venom?)

In the fight between good and evil, the one easily deceived are the warrior dressed not fully with God’s armor. Unwavering and unshakable faith of a warrior is what needed in this realm of battles. FAITH OVER FEAR! Is your faith enough to shield you? Or fear could melt and break your shield of fragile

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