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The emergence of “Digital Beast” and its markings. (Part 2)

Keep on Knowing the unknown, seeing the unseen and hearing the unheard! Read the part 1 of this article here: https://inspirationalkin.com/2022/06/14/the-occurrence-of-the-beast-and-its-markings-part-1/ The occurrence of the beast prophecies were explained in the part one of this article as “of the ancient and Bible references”. Great in these days were confusions with fear as dominant when people

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Flood breakout in Australia: a man-made or prophecy?

If one consider the end times is coming or even if it is now happening, one could truly understand all what’s occurring in the world at present. A latest catastrophe happening in Australia is so heartbreaking to think of. Haven’t you think what really caused this flood ? What’s behind the claims of it as

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