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The “Regret” of Creation … The Existence of the Fallen Angels, Nephilims , demons and evil spirits,

When the close people in your life are sparing away their time on you the result is having you more time dissecting His words. Grab this opportunity. Then He will open your mind and let you see the truth. When the Lord reveals something He will open your heart first. Letting you see your nothingness

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The GOODNESS of GOD: How Can You Not See His Goodness?

In life, people live differently with each other but all been given the same. There are  less fortunate and the well off individuals. Whatever reasons behind their status in life, still all experience the gift of life. The  goodness of the great Creator  never misses anyone.  It’s very clear around us and very obvious to

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The ARMOR for the warriors in this end times generation

In the emerging of technology not just the bodily enhancement were in sight but even the manipulations of the medias. This cover the means of communication, as radio and television, movies, newspapers, magazines, and the internet, influence people widely. Most commonly reprogrammed minds through what was shown basing on greater premise from a powerful entity.

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