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A new evil revelation on Covid virus. (snake venom?)

In the fight between good and evil, the one easily deceived are the warrior dressed not fully with God’s armor. Unwavering and unshakable faith of a warrior is what needed in this realm of battles. FAITH OVER FEAR! Is your faith enough to shield you? Or fear could melt and break your shield of fragile

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Revisiting the Characters in the garden of Eden… the beginning of the end.

In this corrupted world one would wish to withdraw for even a certain time to ease off pressures in life. One for sure would choose to visit a nature paradise. No other such one as the garden of Eden. A wondrous creation made by a loving Creator for His masterpiece “human”. Ready to revisit that

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The last kingdom within humans: Mixed with Iron and Clay ( end times invasion)

When the world is filled with what is insane and makes no sense, let the Lord come to you and show you the way. This world was totally been corrupted by the emergence of technology. The hybrids descendants of Niphilims (Sons of God) and the Edomites bloodlines continuously manipulating inventions till it reaches to very

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