Author: SallyMRcEV

What to do when you don’t know what to do?

The year 2020 seems remarkable with its surprising and frightening starts. Different tragedies struck humanity. All were shock and blown away by the news of horrifying Corona virus (N COVID 19). Dreadful disclosure cover all forms of media. Will these affect you? Do you care enough for it? Whose the culprit? Are you taking precautions?

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How responsible lover are you?

When love month comes, effervescent people are everywhere. This livened the hearts while striking the heartsick. These feelings always evident on this love season. Anyone has all the chances to love and be loved. Would you take the risk of loving? If so, how responsible lover are you? I’ve seen the extents of the consequences

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Ideals to ponder on same sex marriage

Trying to be different, so deeper thoughts need to be tackled. When you’re into significant things around, the self is driven to find the light to share. Finding your truths on these: How much do you love yourself? Why consider same sex marriage? What’s His place in your heart? I saw how others display their

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