Author: Sally C. Escol

Uncertainty in relationship… what to do?

Life is full of uncertainties, and with that most are in search for a lasting happiness. We may thought life is unfair and for some it’s generous. In this unpredictable life puzzles it’s easy to surrender. When nothing is left but just a sigh of disbelief and regrets, will there still be a hope? We

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Advise on: Dealing with depression (suicidal heart)

Life has so much to offer. It comes in so many forms. May it be things that soothe your feelings or dismantle your heart. Of course these are inescapable. The greatest danger is when the damage is huge to handle. When it happens, life can really collapse. Dealing with a broken heart, is a complex

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Advise on: Wearing a mask in a relationship (video)

Now a days, because of so much pressures and struggles, many are in need of escape from a sad reality. A lot are into a shadow and doubles in relationship. Grasping any forms of relief for the self. In this, mask symbols are useful needed to disguise. Thinking of no way out and hope in

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