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God said: “Enough evil doers!”Human trafficking:Over 100 Nabbed in Operation March Sadness 2

When the world is becoming more evil and a lot were joggling into it, it seems hopeless for those victims to be freed. When you put yourself to the victim’s shoes, how would you deal it? The evil that’s occurring in the society is so huge and inflicting so much lives of the innocents. Children,

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Advice on: How to be different in this crazy world?”

No one can argue with the reality that the world is not the same anymore since the first time your eyes got a glimpse on it. It’s changing and evolving but not for good instead becoming more evil. The enemy of the Creator is in double time of destroying His wonderful plan for everyone. The

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Ending 2020 and facing 2021. The best thing to do.

It’s hard to feign the real feelings this whole year has caused to anyone’s life. We started the year with different problems that tremble everyone and made worldwide headlines.  There were wildfires, outbreaks, natural disasters and even deaths of prominent legends. There was Iran_US conflict, Ukrainian plane crashed, and volcano eruptions. The greatest battle is

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