Bridging the Unknown

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What to do when you do not know where you’re going? A question that challenge anyone about the future. There’s no perfect clue for the unknown in your life. Yet there’s something you can do to embrace the unknown happily. Make a bridge of your present life to the unknown. 

What is life ahead? 

Will you be there?

I sleep then I wake up, 

doing all these everyday.

I dream and I hope, 

 believing with you everyday.

Trying to reach the unknown, 

not knowing what’s in there.

Will you still be there?

What is life ahead?

What is a bridge for? Is having a structure that connect and span a physical obstacles. Physical hindrances are very obvious. You can’t fathom His ways and plans for all. Don’t let your heart and mind suffer in forcing to expose the unknown. Live one day at a time.

The uncertainties are  intended to be unrevealed. 

Acceptance to your  mind’s limitations, will help you face what’s beyond. It’s not for you to know the secrets of tomorrow, but you must believe the one who controls it.

Your FAITH will bridge the bright future  to your present condition.

His plans are better than any motives of your heart.

He gives full of hope for the future. 


A bridge is designed to support the loads. The foundation transfers the loads to the grounds. The structure and the foundation work together to create a strong long-lasting bridge. 

How did you shape, pattern and build your foundation in life? 

Do you think what you have is enough to endure  the unknown?

Is that thing you defend on can bear the loads?

Can it help you create a strong and lasting connection to the unknown?

A tendency for anyone is to strive digging and planning their own life to reach a temporary desired future.

Yet you always forget the real true foundation is only His Words and in Him alone. 

The bridge needs to be monitored every 3 to 6 months. It should be inspected regularly every 3to 6 years. It’s a must to know how it suffered and endured the difficulties: the forces of the wind, storm, people, vehicles and others.  

It’s a must for anyone to always connect to the  Master, and to monitor ones faith.

There are moving forces along the way that could weaken your foundation. Financial, health, social and emotional problems are too much loads for a wavering faith.

Don’t settle for less when it’s about your future. Let Him involve in the past, present and to your future. 


Bridging the unknown is not your main task.

Allowing Jesus as the Bridge is your main concern.

Your faith will connect you to the bridge.

Your trust in His love will open good ways to the uncertainties.

His love covers all the fears in you. 

You are worry free when you are in the bridge.

 He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Enjoy exploring the bridge while enduring the unknown.        MRcE

Note: Thank you to Adobe Spark Post photos application, this help my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures.