What is Life When Sunset Comes?

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Life has its beginning and end. Same as it shows that there is black and white. So as the creation, everything works and take a rest. The Sun is no exemption, as others would say: ” it rested during sunset”. There are reasons in every activity though confusing, yet well cherished. In a day there will always closures. A sunset appears even when unnoticed. Then, why is sunset essential? What is life at sunset?

Recalling Science lesson with my students, I can only give some factors that are essentials for the sunset. First is the clouds. They do a lot in capturing the light like a canvass and reflect it to the grounds. The Sun is low in the horizon during sunset but the clouds must be high enough like Cirrus clouds to provide a vivid sunset colors.

Sometimes you expect so much in your horizon, you highly regard the things in your life and forget that it’s in your lowest that you’ve encounter the fascinating and striking moments. These blockers of your plans and dreams will serve as canvas to give meaning to a dull and tedious days. When you’re down He must be in control. In your lowest the Light keeps on shining and give a marvelous picture of your life.


The air pollutants. Back to the lesson of Refraction: the Sun is refracted as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. Molecules and particles in the atmosphere cause the light rays to scatter. Dust and other air pollutions affect the color of the sunset. The more pollutions the greater is the sunset impaired and could not be visible.

There are lots of things and even people considered as toxic in your life. They marred His perfect plan, ruin and scattered your life. They contaminate your mind and even pollute your heart. The greater they are, the nearer you will be to darkness. Cleansing is needed to keep the Light rays visible.

The storm or rainfall. This thing might brought damaged and sorrow to others but it is more fascinating in the atmosphere after storm for it washes away air pollutants. The sunset colors now will become bright red, yellow and orange, means a clean air and a weather will be clear. This is the famous sunset.

If you allow the storms to pass by, you will see the good side of its impact in your life. There will always be good things in every struggles. A hard blow is sometimes needed to wake you up. After all, everyone will adore your glow. The beauty is seen after the struggles. Then you can welcome the darkness of the night with confidence.


The Earth’s rotation. One of my favorite lesson: when the Earth rotates on its own axis; it produces the night and day. For not all the places will be directly lighted by the Sun, so the moon is visible. Together with this process, the Earth simultaneously revolves around the Sun as well and this results to a year round.

Rotation and Revolution process lead us in awe of the great Creator. Yes, He’s not silent, but orchestrated your life. There will always be night for you to see the splendor of Light. The sunset allows you to prepare for the coming darkness. It happens to recognize His workings in your weaknesses. When sunset comes, remind yourself to humble and surrender to the power of Light. In this way you will conquer the darkness engulfing around you. You will never be alone on day and even at night. Sunset represents closures, expect ending even with those unmet plans and dreams. Don’t wait for the Sun to set, start minding and fixing your life before the darkness cover the night. There will never be sunrise if there’s no sunset in your life. The sunrise comes to still give you hope. Remember He made it all for you. He wants you to be strong day and night in your life. Enjoy the sunset and be ready for the darkness of the night. MRcE

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