What to expect when having an escapade?

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When summer breaks in, many want to escape the stressful day routines. Trying their best to get in a desired adventures of life. What’s really behind the urge to  temporarily escape the present life? What’s behind the escapade that could change anyone? Would it be worthy to consider having one?

The reality of life is evident in every corner of your eyes. Seeing a working mother, doubled her time to accomplished all the tasks. A family man, conquering the world for his family. A retired aged being, longing for enjoyment and happiness. A heartbroken and depressed lovers trying to survive. What envelope these things are the reasons that urge them to temporarily escape the present life. Is life so mean that withdrawal from it is needed for sometimes? A retreat is needed when one is exhausted. Breaking free from confinement is sometimes a fleeting answer for everyone. To have an escapade!

What’s behind it that could help change your perspective in life? An escapade is referred to an act of escaping or fleeing from restraints or confinement. An act involving some danger, risk, or excitement because it is different from usual activities. One can never venture to it without any motivation and goal. It’s an experience, an additional wonderful memories to your diary. The excitements that go with it are coupled with dangers and risks. It should be planned and executed according to the needs and aptness. It would then become effective when it freshen and liven up your spirit.


Escapade brings you to a fantasy that you desire. A temporary enjoyment that help ease the pains, hardships, burdens and stresses in life. When back to reality, the regain strength will be tested. With this you will know if your adventure had been worthwhile. It is a need to break free and give way for self relaxation but never leave away from His presence. Yearn for His love and care while into an occurrence. In every event of your life He should matter. The real strength in life comes from daily communing your soul to the Comforter of life. Expect enjoyment in your escapade, but regain your strength in His presence.                            Mrcev

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