Living Beyond Expectations

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When one is living actively and vigorously, pressures will engulf the being. Usually these pressures will make or break anyone. It is prevalent that forces within and outside become an avenue of success. The success that is coupled with expectations. How can success be achieved in an ordinary way?  Can anyone live without expectations?  Can you live beyond what’s expected from you?

Is it a fallacy to say, “ Success is coupled with expectations?”  Expectations in life start in a baby’s life.  The baby is expected to learn and follow growth development. There are expectations to be observed monthly and it level up upon reaching a year old. The baby will develop successfully all the growth skills with the help of the people around. This confirm that success is achievable when there are expectations.

How can success be achieved in an ordinary way? What’s your definition of success? It is a favourable outcomes, positive result, an attainment of a desired aims and an accomplishment of a purpose. Your ways and purpose in life will determine the kind of success you will have. Success achieved in an ordinary ways are obvious around us. A homeless man is contented  sleeping anywhere at night after surviving a day’s poverty. A single working mom, wears a smile upon seeing her child soundly sleep every night and even gratefully gallop when the child heeding for graduation. A lowly baker who sold out his bread with those joyous costumers. A meek taxi driver went home heartened  after patiently brought safely the commuters. Success defends on how you defined your life. An extravagant life expects an extraordinary, but an ordinary life expects ordinary accomplishments. Success matters in the heart not in material things. Joy is the worthy definition of achieving success.


Can anyone live without expectations? A sad answer is No! Actually there are inward and outward expectations. Inwardly, are your very own expectations. Before others auguring at you, you already pressured yourself. When contentment is not visible, there’s no satisfaction in all you do. The outward expectations come in your work, family,  and friends. They’re on lookout in everything that matters in you. They are just expectators, but not creators of your dreams, not an outcome maker and not the authors of your life. Right attitudes will disparage expectations.


Can you live beyond what expected from you? A gleeful answer is Yes! Everything done with love comes out naturally. There are no pressures when love wrapped the demands in your relationships, and the people around you. You just need to be true to yourself and to others. Expectations are meant to be conquered by your life’s purpose. The One Worthy to expect more from you actually expect less from you. He showers you more of His love than demands from you. He only expects you to love Him in return. With His love, you can now live beyond expectations.             Mrcev


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