Things to remember on final day before saying “I do”.

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Life events mean a lot to anyone who value relationship and people. It made one to be keen in observing any occasions when it matters one’s future. Preparing for a wedding is very vital for it could affect the new stage of life. With this, what are the things to be mindful before that final day?

The following details are reality seen and observed, it’s only for you to absorb or reject. First to consider again for the final blow is your feelings. At this very day of being single, is vital in your final future. You will remember this feeling somewhere along your marriage life. It could make you regret or thankful for minding this feeling on this final single day. Many things will be revealed on this final day before saying your precious “I do”. Be keen and prayerful when doubts are so strong.

Do not just be mindful of your own feelings but be heedful of your lover’s as well. He/she too has those final emotional state. Hidden details in a relationships sometimes reveal on this eventual moments. They could speak a lot, as a reminders to anyone. When all are busy for preparation, anything will be revealed during this stressful time. This might bring a clue to be considered, someday you’ll gonna turn back.

This is the very time to feel strongly the impact of the word “I do” before you utter those precious words. Be mindful of the word “I” it represents priority, primary, pedestal and non equal. This words also confirmed a promise. A summation of all those tiny and grand chilling words you two made together. This words also convey a perfect responsibility. Taking in full accountability the receiver of this words is the symbol os this ritual.

To utter those words is to embrace life; its grandeur and infirmities. Discovering the deepest wonders of love together at all costs. Engulfing deeper its core without turning back. Two in one facing the unknowns of life while holding the keys of love to their hearts. When doubts , uncertainties and confusion immerse your heart; protect the sacredness of these words by your honesty. Always remember, the essence of a wedding is the trueness and genuineness of two hearts bind as one. Let His perfect love enlighten you on the final day and leads you to utter truthfully and meaningfully your precious “I do”. MRcEV

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