Advice on: Dealing with break ups. (video)

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We could not expect a relationship to last as you desire it would be. There are reasons why break ups occur. Though some are not acceptable, still you need to face the ordeal. With this, the heart is the one suffers.

Whenever one experience such irresistible and uncontrollable pain, a heart’s refuge is badly needed. Who cares enough to listen and give sympathy? As you watch, may you whisper a prayer for this beaten heart.. Take an evaluation of your love commitment for a stronger relationship.

Anyone are privilege to be loved and to give love the right way. You are never been authorized to break ones heart. This platform is here to listen and help bring Jesus more closer to your heart. There’s no one who will never turn his back from you but only Him. His love last forever. Be inspired, be uplifted and be happy. MRcEV ❤️

Note: Photos credit to Spark post.

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