Advice on: What to do when alone and lonely. (video)

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There’s a time in man’s life that he has to face everything on his own. This is the time to be alone is most to be considered. Others may think it could be dreadful to live alone. It would lead to loneliness for them.

In here, a friend shared how being alone is not a lonesome journey. When aging it’s a reality. Hope upon watching you will get a glimpse of the good side of being alone in this life. Getting yourself ready when this time of your life comes.

Hoping this episode might enlighten and keep you strong in your solitude. Be one in this advocacy of bringing Jesus closer to those hearts out there who needed a refuge. There’s always a way when there’s an open heart and mind in His workings. Let’s all be inspired, uplifted and be happy. MRcEV.

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