Advice on: Wearing a mask in a relationship (video)

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Now a days, because of so much pressures and struggles, many are in need of escape from a sad reality. A lot are into a shadow and doubles in relationship. Grasping any forms of relief for the self. In this, mask symbols are useful needed to disguise.

Thinking of no way out and hope in a wreck relationship is a faithless idea. Deceiving others is more than unacceptable. A mask is a sign of a coward and dishonest heart. There’s always an answer when being trapped in a bad relationship.

In here, is a sender with a dilemma of wearing a mask in a relationship. May you feel the need to identify your own issues in your relationship as you take time to watch the video. Be an inspiration to take charge of an honest and genuine relationship with your dear loved ones.

This platform will continue in trying to bring Jesus more closer to your heart. In this way, we all will learn to value and appreciate loving everyone without degree and requirements. May His unconditional love ushers us all to an open and truthful relationship.

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