How to deal with a relationship impasse?


Have you been to a dead end road? A way that leads to nowhere! Why provide a road but no exact directions? Everyone longs for a productive, ongoing and active relationship. A goal that sometimes impossible to achieve. What’s a relationship impasse? How to deal with it? Anyway out?

When you’re into a relationship, there’s no assurance of lasting commitment!
There’s a risk in every “yes” to a relationship. Welcoming someone is a perilous act! A menace which sometimes frightens while liven your heart to keep on loving.
This make love a mystery that covers pain and happiness.
“A relationship is considered a bond when there’s love.”

This bond helps you to endure the journey which both choose to follow. Along the way, perils and hazards to both hearts are evident. It takes trust and honesty to enjoy the ride.

The bond is tested when both come to know the real identity.
If the grip is stronger, relationship will endure. If negativity beset, relationship suffers!

An adage:

“A love is real when it passed a test”; ” A lover’s quarrel is a lover’s test”.

This test both for the players. This might result to a winner and a loser. It’s a woeful if the game is “stalemate “. The disputes had reach an impasse!

Relationship impasse occurs:

When there’s an egocentric heart, when abuses dominate the relationship, when respect disregards the bond, when dishonesty and disloyalty control the game.

A “stalemate ” relationship makes progress impossible. It’s an impassable road for commitment. A relationship that has no directions and no closures!

How to deal with such relationship?

You can’t stay unbothered when you don’t know the real status. You can’t be unaffected, if there’s no intimate communication.

Be real to yourself if it’s hard to understand the situation.

Begin the closure if there’s no one willing to make a way.

Arm and equip yourself while breaking the walls for the future.

Prepare for unfavorable twists while opening your guard.

It takes one to decide and control a “stalematerelationship but it takes one to win when sacrificial love prevails.

There’s always a way out in an impasse relationship. Only the great King can offer ways for a checkmate games of heart. There’s no standstill commitment when He works tremendously in a willing hearts.

No stalemate relationship when the King conquers both hearts!

Acceptance and endurance to His dealings are your armor to this game.

Be a fighter but stay in love!

The King of love is your strength!

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  1. “A love is real when it passed a test” This quotes caught my attention and God is always there to love us no matter what happen. Thank you. God bless

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    1. Love is refined and tested like gold. Give the full measure of love He requires and it’s for Him to bless your heart. Endure and stay in love!
      Thanks for letting your heart speak❤️

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    2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve learned a lot of things on it. Our blog have something in common to inspire people, to love one another and specially to honor and love our Lord Jesus Christ. 🙂 May God bless you more. Thank you.

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