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Inspirational love poetry: A Warrior’s heart!

🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹 A heart can’t contain when on its peak of pleasure and felicity. Words not enough to express lover’s elation. The rhapsody brings music to the bones. Even great poets can’t grasp a perfect evocation. 🌹🌷🌹🌷🌹 A heart can’t restrain even in pain. Enduring the hurting, cheating and deceiving. No reasons can invade a warrior’s

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“You have left your first love”: Restoring the love

From the beginning of the creation, the love between man and His Creator abounds. Adam would then be so much blessed to experienced that wonderful love attention of God. That unconditional love that sees only the good and welfare of His creation. He provided all that satisfies his longings even knowing the dangers it will

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When in the Unknown: A Love Poetry

What is life when in Abyss? What to do when in there? Any way out? …………….. I try to open my eyes, though grasping for an early thoughts.

Need to wake up, while reckoning for that night mare.

This body still enjoys, being soothes by the comfy bed.

Now mesmerize, ’till succumb again to the enchantment of sleep.


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Love poetry : Love attachment

Sometimes you need to accept that not all things are need to be revealed, dissected probed in order to get attached ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹 This silence and stealth circumstances speak of one’s own unique self privacy which needs respect. Should not be misunderstood as being detached and walled. A relationship is chained by love that even complex

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Unspoken love… a silence of the heart!

Voices are powerful the more if it’s unspoken. People are inclined to hearing a variety of voices and sounds. Even an innocent baby tries to be known and seen by just showing gestures and cries. Nobody should be left alone unheard and unseen if only mankind are mindful and selfless. Haven’t you listen to the

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Becoming a martyr in a relationship: what to do?

So much in life bring so much stress in a relationship. Though not been observed at the first steps into marriage by others but for some it’s already visible at the start of it. Haven’t you really wonder about the true colors of this union? Marriage was defined in so many ways based on one’s

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