Advice on: How to be different in this crazy world?”

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No one can argue with the reality that the world is not the same anymore since the first time your eyes got a glimpse of it. It’s changing and evolving but not for good instead becoming more evil. The enemy of the Creator is in double time of destroying His wonderful plan for everyone. The impact is clearly seen and hurtfully felt by all. These could even change ones attitude, behavior and way of life.

With all these wickedness, could there still be hope? Could someone make a difference to his own life and to others?

When a heart cries, it needs to be heard and helped. In here we have one who longs for a heart that could endure all the chaos around. One who desires to know how to be different in this crazy world. May you consider your own longings as well as you watch the video here. It’s about time to listen to your heart when the noise outside is so loud. Many things happen when the simplest need will be heard.

This platform was made to give chance for all to understand one’s own heart. To enable God’s words to reach in there and bring Jesus more closer to your heart. Replace it with His love and even aim to reflect His heart in there. Reaching the heart ministry will try to calm the heart of a fearful seeker of peace and healing. Remember, there’s nothing impossible if there are open hearts out there for this ministry. Everyone has all the chances to experience the loving touch of the Savior, to be changed and be a channels of His love to make a difference in this world. Always be inspired, be uplifted and be happy.

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