When Waves Reach the Shores

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What it would be like if you lost alone  in the middle of the sea? For sure, you’ll gonna clutch to anything that would bring you to the shore. Then, seeing a solid ground is life. You might call it your second life when getting into the land. What’s in the sea that frightens you? What’s good with the waves? What is life in relation to this? 

Waves are products of winds. They are not actually part of the sea, but the results of the outside forces that work on the body of water. They are dangerous but they bring beauty to the ocean water. Low pressure are creating good and strong waves. The longer the pressure the bigger the energy of the wind imparted to the waves.


In life, there are people and things that should not belong but stick on and keep intervening your life. They are hazardous though sometimes give colors to your days. It’s hard to get away from them.  Like the waves, the intensity of the pressure in life make you tougher and stronger. A thought comes a times when perils of the waves haunt, “I wish the sea has no waves”, but it will lost its beauty. It will be more frightening because of the absence of the movement and soothing effect  near the shore. So just keep absorbing pressures in life, surf and flow through it happily.

Deep water deliver bigger waves, and large waves moves quickly than small waves. When the waves reach the shore, it lost intensity, energy, power and tend to slow down. 


If you find yourself soak  and flooded with problems. It seems the deep water engulfing you and struggling with bigger waves. Remember it will never stay long in you. The Creator designed it not to knocked you down, His power is made perfect in your weakness. At the right time in your life, everything will be cleared and peaceful as you came near the shore. You just need to strive and conquer by going with the flow until you’ll be lead to the shore. 

Waves created by winds are influenced along the way by: rainfalls, tides, coastal backwash, currents and even land disturbances like earthquakes and others. It results to tsunamis, tidal waves and water surges.

There really comes a time in your life when you are hit so badly.  You are thrown here and there with great adversaries. It might leave you unexplained casualties but always has an end. There’s quietness  and calmness after all the disturbances. It’s how you face it with Him that matters.

What’s good with the waves? Beaches at the edge of a shore are formed and continually changed by the ocean waves moving rock particles. These sands,  gravels, and shell fragments deposited along the shore line when waves  reach make the beaches amazing.  All your life encounters though bad or good will make you grow. Those things and people who made your life miserable are the ones who will form you to a much better grown up individual that could brighten another life. And they will see you’re valuable.


When you’re at the peak of an ordeal good things are blurry. In every struggles there’s hope and lessons learned. You are imparting good memories to others. Your life will be one of those fragments deposited in the shore and add to its beauty.  These legacies will make a difference to anyone who pass by your way and they will be amazed. Your life will never come for nothing. For there always be anyone coming near the shore, be cradled and comforted by its nature’s wonders.

When waves reach the shore, many things will happen. It brings hope, tranquility, life and beauty to the shoreline. But while at the deep ocean they bring fear, uncertainty, weakness and even death to anyone. Nobody wants to be engulfed, deluged and drowned alone by the great waves in the ocean. When it happens, like Peter, be ready to call Jesus and  grasp His hands even if you’re told to be of little faith. With no doubt of His love He will save you from the scary waves. Take it a joy when your life is in serenity. Confidently, face the temporary waves in your life. Don’t give up! remember you’re not alone.                        MRcE


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