Inflation: a consequence of war or willed?

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The Russian and Ukrainian war has gone so far in that many connecting issues been linked to it. The major one is the inflation which is now felt globally. How badly a country is affected by a measure of the rate rising prices of goods and services right now. Haven’t you wonder if this occurring is caused by war or by man’s will in particular?

The rate of increase in prices especially in gas /oil over a given period of time can have a negative impact in an economy of any country. Inflation is typically a broad measure, such as the overall increase in prices or the increase in the cost of living in a country. A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. But was this a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine? A consequence of Russian actions that obliged other powerful countries to sanctions them?

Russia is the third-largest oil producer in the world. Its output comes to 11.3 million barrels a day, mostly from eastern Siberia, the Yamal region and Tatarstan. Russia ranks as the world’s largest oil exporter. It consumes about 3.45 million barrels a day while exporting more than 7 million barrels of crude oil and other petroleum products a day, shipped primarily through pipelines but also by tankers.

The war has brought a dilemma to the rest of the world leaders either to shun Russian oil to avoid paying money to the Putin regime or to compromise their economy. The Biden administration has decided to ban the import of oil and natural gas from Russia, and the rest of other countries may follow much more with the European Union. Being the world largest oil exporter, imposing a ban on Russian oil has no way safeguarding inflation. So this means impossible not to set up higher prices and economic slowdown.

Would world leaders compromise the economy of their native land just by joining to the call of ending this war? Was this the right thing? Aiming to end one conflict but hurting the majority in your own country. This kind of contribution to end the war is causing even greater battle to face in one’s leadership. This significant decision can be prompted by self interest or willed by any forced dictatorship covering in a huge scheme. There might be certain powerful group who really wills or decide the occurrence of inflation. Their making ways and means to justify economic world collapse. Everything work in complete collaboration.

Inflation is a thing that matters so much to poor countries and the indigenous. Either this war or the leaders wills it, the wages of sin actually causes inflation. May the leaders find ways to be considering all sides of this event. Setting aside interest that’s way not what’s God mandates require. If only love and forgiveness covers the hearts of all world leaders it could still be a wonderful place to live. Pray earnestly!