God said: “Enough evil doers!”Human trafficking:Over 100 Nabbed in Operation March Sadness 2

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When the world is becoming more evil and a lot were joggling into it, it seems hopeless for those victims to be freed. When you put yourself to the victim’s shoes, how would you deal it? The evil that’s occurring in the society is so huge and inflicting so much lives of the innocents. Children, little girls, teenagers targeted heavily by these predators. The demons of society thought they’ll keep pushing wickedly , but the God of justice never would attempt them to go for long without caught and punished!

These evil traffickers spread in society, they are even professionals, Disney workers, and anyone who’s heart were subdued by demons to torment innocents. Thanks to people who are committed to fight and end this deal of illegal human trafficking. Still there are groups of people who are diligent to fight and seek for justice for the families . Like this Operation March Sadness 2 has nabbed almost 100 traffickers of different areas and in online forms. They have showed bravery and revealed those faces of culprit in public. This evil doers need to stop, and God has made ways for it. Though it still a long way to go at least hope abides abundantly. Do your share, report abuses , it’s not a shame to be a victim as to keep you in hiding but fight , come out tell the truth and help others! Stop prostitution As what Sheriff Grady Judd says:

“Where there is prostitution, there is exploitation, disease,dysfunction and broken families.” Sheriff Grady Judd

“Yes, the time has come; the day is here! Buyers should not rejoice over bargains, nor sellers grieve over losses, for all of them will fall under my terrible anger.” Ezekiel 7:12 NLT

Watch the video of reported nabbed traffickers!

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  1. O Jesus Christ, Lord of Justice,
    Let your light shine in this broken land.
    Guard the sheep from the wolf’s teeth,
    And release the frail from Satan’s chains.
    Let not evil go unpunished,
    Nor every good work unrewarded.
    Let the warrior being recognized,
    And the reconized be humbled.

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