A natural paradise hit by a worst drought?

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In the pursuit of man to live and conquer, many are meant to be sacrificed. When the great Creator had offered everything for man to enjoy, it is coupled with responsibilities for an exchange. Keep in mind it’s not solely for man but it must be shared with other inhabitants creatures as well. Haven’t you wondered why this natural paradise been into so much of manipulations? What is human’s part on it?

The island of Madagascar is known worldwide as a place of extraordinary biodiversity with a high rate of species found nowhere else in the world. As a whole, 80 to 90 percent of the island’s plant species are endemic, including 1,000 species of orchids, and Madagascar is the only home for lemurs. In the spiny forests, fully 95 percent of the species are endemic. Red sand covers much of the ground, topped by a “scrub layer” of thick bushes three to six meters high, out of which rises desert-adapted succulents (including the Didiereaceae family), cactuses and baobabs up to 10 meters tall that outside observers often describe as “alien-looking.” As the forest transitions to riparian, trees that require more moisture like tamarind start to appear. https://sacredland.org/androy-forests-madagascar/. It is a measure of the people’s desperation that many have started to encroach on sacred forests, clearing them for agriculture and cattle grazing, burning wood for fuel and for sale as charcoal, and hunting species that were previously taboo. Deforestation is on a small scale but widespread—most people are cutting down wood for their own needs and to sell as charcoal. Because of its dry climate, the spiny forest flora grows back more slowly than other habitats. The government of Madagascar, headed by President Marc Ravalomanana, has vowed to make conservation a top priority and use Madagascar’s unique biodiversity to the advantage of the people. However, even when protected areas are declared in poverty-stricken areas, there is rarely the means to enforce protection laws.

Androy region of Southern Madagascar faces long worst drought in decade. A green island now turns red. Being considered a natural paradise, this is a gift from nature for man to enjoy as well as home for all kinds of animals. Most diverse eco system with thousands of species’ habitat for lots of animals.The drought along with deforestation made it a red sand dust bowl now. Worst climate change, was taught to be another factor in this occurrence. Red sands blows onto fields and the villages and so destroyed the crops and endangered the people. This cause over a million people dependent on food handouts by humanitarian groups.

When a natural paradise turn into a devastation and ruins, could the people be blamed ? There’s so much man can do in maintaining the sacred sanctuary freely provided for them. No reason for one to turn the cause to the evil manipulations of this deforestation, climate changes and all for the advantages of the people. If they have no heart in destroying the habitats of those precious animals that will cause their extinctions, how much more the growing populations of humans in their depopulation? The Creator sees it all and felt the pain of His creations! He never is silence to your pleas! Do your part in restoring and preserving this wondrous creation of God!