The Truths Behind Your Lies

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Assuming a glimmering light in the darken crypt, a creeping human emerge.

Presuming accompanied by a valor,  venture without queries.

Plunge! Gamble! Proffer! Dare!

What unassuming innocent lass.


The night seems frightful.

The sounds are terrible. Still succumb to this unsavory setting and Sickening site.

All are nothing but fascinating when she’s with the fraudulent cavalier.


When love struck heavily,  life is in his words.

The night conceals for his presence to linger.

A powerless reasons for a love entrapment revealed.


Would she tarry for lies? 

Delay leaving the crypt, where she was belittle and dawdled back  inside the darkness.

Strolls! Wanders! Ambles! Abandon self for love.


The truth was not actually hidden. 

Reality comes in a rushing wind.

Blows her being, enough to silence the heart.

Saw the pain in the coward core of the swain.

Poverty made him captive. Her innocent love atones his guilt.

Settles truths and lies. All for the sake of progeny.

This prolongs the teary farewells.


Perfidy is evident to life.

It roars until you are engulfed.

Make a brace suffer freely in hunter’s hand.

In its love sting captives anyone.

A deer pants for water when tired.

A Lily pad endures cradling a frog ’till dawn.

Many are deceitful to survive.


A reason to live urge one to delude.

Silence is not the answer.

Facts divulge slowly when enkindle.

Hide your pain but not the tears. 

Truth is not merely in words.

Be transparent! Turn to yourself.

The truth is within you.




Note:  Thank you Spark post Application for making my thoughts amazingly reveal in every pictures.

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