Why are You in Debt?

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One word that is very common now in days are the popular “debt” thing. A lot are tempted to its sting in order to survive. Many are engulfed heavily and others manage to conquer over it. What is the reality of being in debt? What made you drowned to it? To whom do you really owe?

A Debt

Enticing me seems your task, come in full allured charm.

Induce by glimmering passion, coax in flattery  plea.

You came in my desolate and helpless state.

You beguile my hopeless fettle.

Thought no hero could rescue me.

That rumination in vain, a knight cradled me . 


In life one should strive hard to live, to compete, and to excel. They fall to ways that would lead to answer their quest in life. This is the reality: work in order to live. Part of it, is to be paid, earn and get higher wages. Differences in achieving it is very obvious.  Your life tends to be judged by your income. The respect you get defends on the accumulated earnings, profit and wealth you gain.  The world has shown these reality to us. With this, the world also offers many options to face the demands in life. The very best bait it offers is getting into debt.

The reality of getting into debt. Recurring monthly debt are things you must pay every month: like mortgage; car payment, credit cards, house rentals etc. Gross monthly income is the amount you make every month before  taxes, philhealth , SSS and others are taken out of your paycheck.  Debt  is only good in moderation, but your debt should not exceed 36% of your total monthly income. The danger lies when you are spending more than what you are earning. Debt brings so much troubles. It breaks relationship, separate you, causes sleepless nights and affects your health.


What made you drowned into debt? You fall into the world’s entrapment when you deluge into debt. The world has a lot to offer that would make you hook to it. Learn to give priority to major needs and not the wants. Manage your finances well, be a good steward of what’s not yours. Let contentment, acceptance and thankfulness shield your life to avoid getting drowned to debt.  Most of all acknowledge the Giver  to give way for more blessings. Drowning to debt is always possible if the source of life been neglected.


Owing no one is His perfect plan for you. He paid it all on  the cross. The thing that enslaves you is powerless in His presence. There’s always a way out when He’s involve in it. Prove that you are worthy of the things that He entrusted you.  Everyone is entitled to compete and to excel in a right way. You are not bound to hardship and liabilities if He trusted you. You are only in debt to your Savior, but your debt to Him is to be paid only by your  complete love and surrender. Drowning to debt sometimes is a result of your mishandling and unfaithfulness to Him. Be a good steward! Enjoy the treasures wisely and bless fully.



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