Love Poetry: Does True Love Exists?

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The grandeur of this world is in the hearts of the humanity who believes in the greatness of love.  The mortals who exhibit warmth and fondness.  A passion for desire, intimacy and devotion. A yearning  and longing for a lasting love.

The emergence of love…..

Stranger Inside

Wallop suddenly, sign of falling

Never even knock, felt abruptly

Beating faster when in your presence

Never to deny a beatific feeling 

The affection seems dormant when disregarded

Belittling your power is a regret

The fondness should go in polished

Conceiving your love is the answer

A power hard to resist….

Keeping a Secret

How will you know?

Eyes can tell, sees  the truth.

Ears hear a lot, deaf for fear.

Mouth says a thing, dumb is a cause.

How long should I keep?

Mine to keep, mine to hurt.

Silence a thing, silence my heart.

Envied your love, conquer my guilt.

Invade a friendship, capture a life.

Still remain a secret.

The dawning of enchantment….

I love you….

It’s a sudden fall!

A great love entrapment!

It’s a sluggish heal!

A rue chance attachment! 

I regret not…

With you I encountered it,

The love I long to know.

With you I understand it,

The love I shared to you.

Dream Feeling

Wake up from coma, a sudden rise

Butterflies flutter inside

Restive my heart, a fall begins

Biddable prompt within

Restrain the self, as love enters. 

The cool wind directs the hair to flow,

Feels it longer with every beats of the heart.

His music inspires the thoughts to create,

Dreams lurch the time to roll the moments of the night.

A dream feeling, spent with you.

Love Confusion.Strong and sudden bewilderment….

I’m just so ignorant when it comes to love, that

I may not able to understand love.

I’m just so impatient when it confuses me, that

I may not aim to truly experience love

When I saw someone beaten by love,

Fear envelopes my coward heart.

When I felt someone in agony,

Fair punishment be render to the lovers.

When doubts, betrayal, and deception unfold….

The Uncertainties of love. 

I should keep going and finding answers though it’s hard.

This would make me still believe in the greatness of love.

I should keep believing and finding someone though I’m sad.

This would make me still believe that he is out there to give me love.

Does True Love Really Exists?

You are still loved. Show and Give Love for His sake.




Note: Thank you Spark Post photos application for making my thoughts amazingly reveal in the pictures. This is an original works and subject for copyright.