What’s New in the New Year?

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The closing of the year 2018 is truly unstoppable. Hours, days seems  hurriedly nudging the year to end. Soon everything would be a memory. Are you ready for the new year? Would it really be a different year for you? What’s new in the coming year?

Are you ready for the new year?

Observing people this holiday seasons, is quite surprising. The hardships in life are very visible in someone’s fate. The ending year has brought so much of stress, struggles, pain and misery to some. The other side of the coin might be brighter to others. Whatever your pen has written in your diary, still you can’t stop its closure. There will always be an end to everything. End to all your sad and happy stories.  This year’s 365 pages book need to be closed. Are you ready to write down a new chapter in your life? Are you ready to leave behind your pains, fear, bitterness and failures?  Those unnecessary things and people who adds weight to your loads?  You can’t be ready to welcome the new year unless you are settled to move forward. With a happy heart welcomes the year!

Would it really be a different year for you?

Watching and reading news made everyone aware  of the economic, political, social standing of the country. With the social media arising nothing is hidden on yearly issues  that would sometimes confuse and inject fear for the coming year. Uneasiness on the differences  in the situations of life. Would there be improvements in personal matters? Though fear exists, still hope motivates to welcome the new year. Your faith on Him will joyfully introduce the frightening year.


What’s new in the new year?

When it’s new it should be unused. A fresh look, brand new existing and original. Readiness is essential for newness of something and someone. Once you’re ready to move forward and get rid of the exists baggage  new life will surely prevalent. New year conveys new you. A tougher and stronger tested by the ending hard year. New dreams and aspirations tighten your heart and mind. Level up your love and longings to the one Who energizes you. A new you means a  fresh thoughts,  motivated heart and cleanse soul. His faithful love is new every mornings ever since and the more for the new year. These two new things, (new you and His new love every mornings) must define your new year. 

It’s about time to close the 2018 story of your life. Cherish the good memories and learn from the sad pages of it. This new year focus to Jesus as the star of your life, …(to be given a rewarding pages and challenging plots). Still expect and be ready for  some twists, with faith 2019 will be beautiful. Enjoy the new year! Celebrate His love!



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