What it takes to find a genuine friends?

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The old adage “ no man is an island” is still a tingling drive  from a child to an adult’s perspectives.The view of achieving a desired friendship for life is a need for anyone. This quiver the force to do everything in order to find a real chum. Why is there a need to have friends? What it takes to find your desired friends? Will friendship last?

The truth is, no one really want to live alone in an island.  Striving to overcome a lonesome fight for life is impossible.  The need to have someone with you is prevalent. This is a quest that everyone is up to. Nothing can stop the pursuit for finding a genuine friends. Why there is a need to have friends? Is it because you are alone and lonely? To have a conversation and a listener ? Need to gossip and chilled out? To bully with, make fun, manipulate and exploit? If so, you are so much in need of happiness. To belong and be accepted are your hopeless answer. In this regard the need to have a friends is revealed in a negative way. 

What if you need to have a friends because you have so much to offer?  You have been bestowed with virtuous that overflows and need to influence others. You have so much love to give.  You have that resources to make someone happy. You have a genuine heart to share with and be a spot for comfort. In this way the quest for a real friendship is so rewarding.


What’s the prize when you find your desired friends? In this life, it’s very rare to find a genuine friend, but it’s a must to be real when you find one.  The work starts with yourself. You can’t find one if you can’t have what you’re looking for. It’s easy to find a genuine friend if  you are real to yourself. When this reality hits you, can you smile and be happy for any achievements your friend would have? Or jealousy envelopes you instead, and this will slowly distance you. Will you support their dreams in your succour? Be ready to mingle and endure the friendship with His love imparted in your hearts. “A greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friends.”  John 15:13 Take Jesus’ example in valuing His friends. Even just a less of its content. It takes your heart to shatter and crumple to stand for it.  It takes a part of your life. Lower your expectations to others if that expectations  are not visible in you.


Will friendship last?  Happily, yes! Through honesty and trust the relationship will linger. “ Wounds from a friends can be trusted,  but an enemy multiplies kisses.” Proverbs 27:6.  A real friend is honest even in pain. Only with Jesus’ love, a friendship can surpass the test.  Make this world a better place to live, keep finding a genuine friend. When finding one, take your turn to be a real friend. Enjoy the friendship with Jesus’ love!              MRcEV

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