What’s behind the waiting?

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This is a very popular word to anyone aspiring for something in life. They’ll do everything in waiting though takes time to occur. Not all are patient enough in achieving that desired thing. Many factors affect the waiting process. What cause you to wait? Why is waiting becomes futile? What’s the results of waiting?

There’s a great difference in the waiting process for little children and adults. Small children display a short attention span. A full concentration in a long period of waiting is hard for them to achieve. Never require them to be still for a hundred times of idling. As a fully grown up, you know the essence of the thing you are aiming to attain. You understand the art of waiting for that desired thing.

I admit, I’m not good in waiting but I can render the best wait when needed. Same as my age heighten, my view of time becomes so vital. When setting time in any form of a date, I want to be at least on time. I’ve been into a disastrous waiting for ample times. It’s ruinous and devastating, waiting for almost two hours. I made it a point then not to do this to anyone. Trying my best not to burden someone because I know how does it feel. The heart and soul of waiting, do you have it?


What cause you to wait?

Waiting is an action that requires a virtuous character. A right minded principled one can endure the process. What made you wait for someone or something? You are waiting because it matters to you. You can’t go beyond the waiting if that person or thing doesn’t matter to you. You anticipate because you love that certain thing or someone. It cause love to wait. The truth is, there’s a prize in waiting. Waiting should go beyond joy and pain in anticipation.

Why are you waiting in vain?

Your waiting becomes pointless when the object of it unvalued you. When it becomes a one-way process, then it becomes futile. Waiting process should be active for both. Waiting in vain happens when commitment ends, when trust and hope is shattered, when promises were broken, and when depression engulf the heart. We can’t impose our wants and desires to something, but we can endure the waiting because of love.

What are the results of waiting?

Its fulfillment covers good and bad. Be ready to receive what you aspire in good or bad outcomes. In waiting you made your heart tougher and stronger. Hope abounds and relationship becomes sweeter and meaningful. Both attitudes are sharpen with endurance. Your value is known and real attitudes revealed.

Why are you in waiting?

Love made you to wait. You are in waiting in exchange of your happiness. Promises and commitment inspire you to stay and linger.but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31. There is life after all the waiting. If the thing is not worth the wait, He remains true. Make Him your inspiration while in waiting. Enjoy the waiting!


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