Commitment: How far would you go?

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There were excitements and thrills when this thing comes to you. All of your being agree and welcome this event in your life. An undertaking to commit and pledge with your heart and mind. What are those things you most likely to commit? Why dedicate and devote your all? How far would you go?

Commitment comes with different forms….

Work and business commitments:

It’s the reality, find work to survive! It’s a deal taken not for granted but with keen scrutiny and loyalty. To commit to a certain work and chosen business is a must to determine life’s stability. Choose wisely the field you want to be part of your life. Once the opportunity comes, grab and slowly radiate its good impact that leads to commitments.

Life commitments:

No one lives alone and has no daily interactions. Everyday you meet people; you make connections; you socialize and you interchange. You make promises coupled with commitments and all are render in many ways.

Love commitments:

When this magical feeling captured you, the mind will succumb to a bond between the two hearts. Love commitments occur when both decided to accept the love and willing to reciprocate. Though it’s risky, yet the power of Love urge you to fully devote your all. This leads even greater to a desired dream wedding. The union’s success defends on the truthfulness of ones commitment.

Why render your complete devotion to such things?

It’s hard to be successful if you don’t use your skills and talents. You can’t find friends if you’re shutting your heart. You cannot love without giving your best. You can’t perceive the promise of true love, if you don’t give commitment a chance. These reasons made you to dedicate and devote your life to a certain thing and to welcome anyone to own and reside into your heart.

How far would you go to commit?

Accepting desirable and rewarding opportunities came with a prize. Expect that not all are in favor of your endeavors. Even friends and families you valued will change their loyalty and care. Most of all the dearest of your heart, breaks and betrays your bond. The promises of love are totally ruined.

When all these happened, will you remain committed?

Will these shatter your love?

Are you the reason, or adds to its ravages?

Will it destroy your self?

Continue to give your all, until you have no more to give!

Give all your best efforts to save something, but not to the point of craziness!

Stay committed until your heart and soul surrender!

There is more to life than enslaving you to unworthy one.

Experience life by loving the real One!

Let Him influence your ways of commitments and promises.

Through Him, live as free people!

Enjoy committing your all to the ONE worthy of it!


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