Advise on: Being alone and crazy, Pinay in Qatar” (Video)

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A well known traits of Filipinos are of hardworking and love of the family. This explain why there are so much working overseas to support their families. They even endure loneliness in separation from home and loved ones.

A Pinay or Filipina here experience such anguish while working in Qatar. In here we’ll give her a chance to let her heart speaks and be uplifted.

This site was made to provide an avenue for anyone to let their heart speak. When you need to pour out your heart without being known your identity, this corner is for you…

This Reaching the heart ministry, is one with you in every ordeal of your heart. This is more than enough what a writer can ever achieved. Everyone has all the chances to be understood and be loved. Be inspired,be uplifted and be happy. Keep watching.

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