Contending with a LEVIATHAN: The beast of the sea.

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There’s always a time in your life when everything seems soaking you down. Dragging you to a deeper part in which grasping for air would be impossible to take. People and things are forces, a heavy weight that keep you drowning through the unknown. The evils in the water could kill and destroy you for that’s what they’re eager to do. Haven’t you wonder who can calm down the raging seas and totally banished it away?

“O Jehovah, how manifold are thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all: The earth is full of thy riches. Yonder is the sea, great and wide, Wherein are things creeping innumerable, Both small and great beasts. There go the ships; There is LEVIATHAN whom thou hast formed to play therein.” Psalms 104:24-26 ASV

DARKNESS on the FACE of the DEEP:

Genesis 1:2 “The earth was without form, and void; and DARKNESS was on the face of the DEEP. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. “

This is the state of the earth before God organized creation. The first entity address by God in the Bible Gen.1:2 . Is the “DEEP”, Sumerians word The Abzu or Apsu (Sumerian: 𒀊𒍪 abzu; Akkadian:ab=’water’ zu=’deep’,) “DEEP WATERS”means “CHAOS”. God subdued chaos so that He can speak “ORDER” into existence which He created a condition for human life.

The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters: When God began to transform the earth into something beautiful and compatible with His great plan, He started with the work of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit begins every work of creation or re-creation. Darkness was on the face of the deep: This may describe a sense of resistance to the moving of the Holy Spirit on the earth. Some speculate this was because Satan was cast down to the earth (Isaiah 14:12; Ezekiel 28:16) and resisted God’s plan, though his resistance was futile.

“The first divine act in fitting up this planet for the habitation of man was for the Spirit of God to move upon the face of the waters. Till that time, all was formless, empty, out of order, and in confusion. In a word, it was chaos; and to make it into that thing of beauty which the world is at the present moment, even though it is a fallen world, it was needful that the movement of the Spirit of God should take place upon it.” (Spurgeon)


“Yam or Yamm,” from the ancient Semitic word meaning “sea,” is the name of the Canaanite god of rivers and the sea. “Yam” was also the deity of the primordial chaos. He represented the power of the tempestuous sea untamed and raging. Also called Nahar (“river”) he additionally ruled floods and related disasters.Hebrew word “Yam” Canaanite word for “Leviathan”., so “Yam” their chaos master.

The name Leviathan means “twisting one” and is also used in other interesting places in Scripture.

• Psalm 74:12-14 refers to Leviathan as a sea serpent, and that God broke the head of the Leviathan long ago, perhaps at the creation.

• Psalm 104:26 also refers to Leviathan as a sea creature.

• Isaiah 27:1 speaks of the future defeat of Leviathan, also associating it with a twisted serpent that lives in the sea.

• Isaiah 51:9 and Psalm 89-8-10 also speak of a serpent associated with the sea that God defeated as a demonstration of His great strength.


• Job 26:12-13 also refers to God’s piercing defeat of a fleeing serpent associated with the sea.

“Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook, Or snare his tongue with a line which you lower? Can you put a reed through his nose, Or pierce his jaw with a hook? Will he make many supplications to you? Will he speak softly to you? Will he make a covenant with you? Will you take him as a servant forever? Will you play with him as with a bird, Or will you leash him for your maidens? Will your companions make a banquet of him? Will they apportion him among the merchants? Can you fill his skin with harpoons, Or his head with fishing spears?” Job 41:1-7.

The best example of one who fight this Leviathan while standing on his ground of faith is the godly man Job. (Job 41:1-7) Mankind is helpless against Leviathan and so he drew his strength in God . After the discussion of Behemoth in Job 40:15-24, now God called Job to consider another fearful monster, Leviathan. This creature was first mentioned in Job 3:8; Job in that context considered how sailors and fishermen would curse the threatening Leviathan, and with the same passion he cursed the day of his birth because of his so much sufferings.

God’s point with this description of Leviathan is to show Job just how powerless he is against this creature. There is nothing that Job can do against this mighty monster. Leviathan some dragon-type creature, satan is often represented as a dragon or a serpent (Genesis 3; Revelation 12 and13). Therefore, Leviathan may be another serpent-like manifestation of Satan. The monster has caused him so much suffering.

Even as Job was powerless against Leviathan (as all men are), so he was also powerless against an unleashed Satan set against him. Only God could defeat Leviathan and Satan. “Satan may be typified here by behemoth and leviathan. Be that as it may, the question left with Job was this: ‘Canst thou?’ Thus he was called to the recognition of his own impotence in many directions, and at the same time to a remembrance of the power of God.” (Morgan)

(Job 41:8-11) If mankind can’t overpower Leviathan, it can’t hope to overpower God. Job could not hope to defeat Leviathan; it was simply beyond his power to do so. “Who then is able to stand against Me:” If Job cannot contend with Leviathan (or even with Satan, whom Leviathan represents), how could he ever hope to stand against the God who made and masters Leviathan? Had given power to the Leviathan to inflict him. God Himself was master over Leviathan (everything under heaven is Mine). “By telling of his dominion over Behemoth and Leviathan,” the Lord is illustrating what he has said in 40:8-14, He is celebrating his moral triumph over the forces of evil. Satan, the Accuser, has been proved wrong and was defeated in crashing the faith of Job.


In this last extended description of Leviathan, in (Job 41:22-34) God spoke in terms that more closely connected the concept of Leviathan with Satan. It could be said of Satan as well as Leviathan (if not more so of Satan):

• They are strong (Strength dwells in his neck).

• They are cruel and entertained by sorrow (sorrow dances before him).

• They strongly defended (the folds of his flesh are joined together; they are firm on him and cannot be moved).

• They are unsympathetic and hard of heart (His heart is as hard as stone).

• They cause the mighty to fear (When he raises himself up, the mighty are afraid).

• They cannot be successfully attacked (Though the sword reaches him, it cannot avail… he laughs at the threat of javelins).

• They have few vulnerable spots (His undersides are like sharp potsherds).

• They have no worthy adversaries on earth (On earth there is nothing like him).

• They are filled with pride (He is king over all the children of pride).

Even so how cruel and heartless people are into you as relate to the descriptions of this sea monster, still everything is under God’s control. The only proper response to the Lord is to bow before Him in submission, recognizing His Divine authority and to do whatever He says. Nothing else will do. Job said, “I know it is so of a truth: but how should man be just with God? If he will contend with him, he cannot answer him one of a thousand” (Job 9:2–3).

The day when Armageddon happens God will crushed the head of the Leviathan that is the prophecy of the destruction in the end times when the antichrist finally be destroyed . “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth are passed away; and the SEA IS NO MORE.” Revelation 21:1 ASV. The Sea is no more! The sea is a representation of chaos. At the end with the new heaven and new earth CHAOS IS NO MORE! Stay faithful to your God! Hallelujah! Glory be to the Lord Jesus!

“In that day Jehovah with his hard and great and strong sword will punish leviathan the swift serpent, and leviathan the crooked serpent; and he will slay the monster that is in the sea.” Isaiah 27:1 ASV

References: Derek Gilbert author co host of Unraveling Revelation.

David Guzik Bible Commentary in

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