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Advise on: Being alone and crazy, Pinay in Qatar” (Video)

A well known traits of Filipinos are of hardworking and love of the family. This explain why there are so much working overseas to support their families. They even endure loneliness in separation from home and loved ones. A Pinay or Filipina here experience such anguish while working in Qatar. In here we’ll give her

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Alone in a multitude

Dealing with depression series. The world is filled with confusion and diversity. When outside, people flock and uproar the crowded streets. Turning anywhere could not ease your longing to belong. It seems you’re in isolation in a populous locale. Why alone in a multitude? What’s good in isolation? When is your solitude be worthwhile? Why

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Mental boosting amidst lockdown

The days are different when you’re not on your usual routine. When there’s a sudden halt in desired habits, the self is affected. An abrupt change in daily pattern of life is hard to accept. The more when urge to be in lockdown, valuing the self is a must. Why a need to be in

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