The Raven and a Dove: Whose side are you?


It would be a very aim of anyone to go on heights and free fly above. It’s has been a dream of mine to reach what birds can achieve and overcome fears by soaring beyond what I can only reach. Yes birds are blessed to have wings that enable them to step above unwanted things and enjoy the horizon up there. But what if these birds were meant to divulge something very crucial to men? Whose bird would you choose to be influenced?

I want you to consider your Bible story again. Noah and the time of flood.

“and Jehovah said unto Noah: come thou and all they house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. Of every clean beast thou shalt take thee seven , the make and female, and the beast that are not clean two ,the male and female, of the birds also of the heavens. To keep seed alive upon the face of all the earth. For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights: and every living thing that I made will I destroy from off the face of the ground. And Noah did according unto all that Jehovah commanded him” Gen. 7:1-5.

The Bible clearly stated it all how God enabled the flood to destroy the wickedness of the earth, yet spared Noah and his family with all other living animals. On their way out after the flood, two creatures were used to gave sign for the new day.

“And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made : and he sent forth a Raven, and it went forth to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth. And he sent forth a Dove from him, to see if the waters were abated from off the face of the ground; but the Dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him to the ark. For the waters were on the face of the whole earth: …. And he stayed yet other seven days and again he sent forth the Dove out of the ark, and the Dove came in to him at eventide ; and lo, in her mouth and olive- leaf plucked off. So Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. And he stayed yet other seven days, and sent forth the Dove and she returned not unto him anymore.” Gen. 8:6-12.

The divulgement of the two birds. Noah chose the Raven first to go out and explore and to gave report. It flew away , but it went forth to and fro and never came back. In French anthropologist, Raven is associated with loss, or ill omen, dead and lost souls. In the book of Judges, one king of the medianites defeated by Gideon is called” Orev” means”Raven” . In the book of Kings God commands the ravens to feed Elijah. King Solomon is described as having hair as black as a Raven in the “Song of songs”. Many thought that the reason the Raven Noah released from the ark did not return to him was that, the Raven was feeding on the corpses of those who drowned in the flood. It has a way not to return.

When the Raven didn’t returned, Noah then sent the Dove out at first it did came back. Second time it brought an olive leaf and at the third time it returned no more sending sign of a dry land. In early Christianity Dove and olive branch is associated with a symbol of love, peace, hope and a messenger.

In Christian Iconography, a Dove also symbolizes the Holy Spirit in reference to Matthew 3:16 and Luke 3:22 where the Holy Spirit is compared to a Dove at the Baptism of Jesus in Matt. 3:16.

Now a days, there are two kinds of people actively visible in the world. The ones in the dark side of the Raven and the Light side of the Dove. Those hugely involve selfishly in subduing and changing the world in their own gratification are those using lies and blinded anyone. They’re busy for self gain roaming to and fro to devour men like what satan and the Raven did.

“and Jehovah saith unto satan where comet thou? Then satan answered from going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” Job 1:7 , 2:2.

The people in the light side that could represent the Dove are in great turmoil now a days. As times get tougher, could they ever endure keeping the truth? The dove’s good virtues made it to return twice and purely brought messages to Noah. It stays true to its calling. That action leads to the continuity of human race. Could the truth seekers and light bearers keep their calling when world’s chaos shake their faith?

If your mindful enough you will see that this present world is somewhat like now in the time of Noah. With man’s cruelty and power everyone’s locked up inside their very own homes . Told to stay for the outside is of great destruction and danger like a flood. We need the Raven and a Dove to do the God called tasks and minister to people in His behalf. I mean not a Raven kind of thing of course! You can help someone be saved today hold the torch and lead the darkness to light. Don’t just vow down to what a Raven has done on controlling you. Stand up for the side of the truth. Pray for discernment of the truth for you not be mislead and blinded. Pray for understanding for you not be controlled by the power of this world.

Yes you’re not a bird and has reach limitations, but remember as the Dove brought an olive leaf , there will always be hope. With the control of God’s love, life must be refocused to God not a world reset. Anyone should wake up and live under God. Where are you God loving people? This crucial times you need to choose, whose sides are you? Truth or lies? Light or darkness? Life or death? Faith or fear? Eternal or temporal? Be a Dove and not a Raven! Jesus is the only answer! MRcEV

Note: video credit to Richard citizens journalists telegram channel.

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