Advice on: Dealing with depression (suicidal heart)

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Life has so much to offer. It comes in so many forms. May it be things that soothe your feelings or dismantle your heart. Of course these are inescapable. The greatest danger is when the damage is huge to handle. When it happens, life can really collapse.

Dealing with a broken heart, is a complex issue. This involved people in so much attachment with your life. A huge heartbreak can bring complete disaster if not finely handled. Yes, depression is a gradual occurrence and need an immediate attention. Suicidal is not an answer but it’s a destruction rendered by the enemy.

In here we have to deal with a heart in a state of giving up and in planning of a life closure. As you watch the video, may you feel the need to include her in your prayers. May you be touched to keep upholding anyone whom you know are in this situation. Upon watching, may you come to reality of assuring yourself to give importance to love as you love someone.

This platform will continue to help bring Jesus closer in every heart who are in need of filling in with a true love from Him. There’s no room for depression or even a suicidal thoughts in a God controlled heart. Open up your heart to deserving people but don’t reveal your all to the world, for the world will just be thrilled to play with your heart. Empty your heart for the Lord to fill His love. Life is so much beautiful when He’s part of it.

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